Tetra Tech creates practical, sustainable, and environmentally responsible solutions to address the world’s most complex challenges.

Our service areas include agriculture and economic growth; democracy and governance; energy; environment and natural resources; land tenure and property rights; water supply and sanitation; architecture, engineering, and construction services; and global security. Tetra Tech creates practical, sustainable, and environmentally responsible solutions for federal agencies, governments, multilateral banks, and multinational corporations.

Our approach is based on sound science, stakeholder engagement, capacity building, and innovative technologies and best practices. Our goal on every project is to ensure local ownership and sustainable development long after our work is complete. Our expertise includes monitoring and evaluation tools, grants management systems, compliance systems, and public-private partnerships.

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Oceans and Fisheries Partnership

The Oceans and Fisheries Partnership (USAID Oceans), Asia-Pacific

Developing a tracking system to combat fraud and promote sustainability of vital marine ecosystems

Tetra Tech experts and MOA employees perform an assessment of local land used for farming

Technical Assistance Services in Support of the Liberian Ministry of Agriculture

Strengthening the Ministry of Agriculture, value chains, commercial agriculture enterprises, and rural development in Liberia

Local children prepare to plant new tree seedlings as part of a youth outreach program

More Investment for Alternative Development, Colombia

Providing Colombians with long-term alternatives to the production of illicit crops to improve livelihoods

A local farmer, his son, and his workers gather around their plants in a local greenhouse in Iraq

Technical Assistance for Iraq INMA Agribusiness Program

Supporting commercial agribusiness operations in the production and marketing of high-demand, value-added agricultural products

Macedonian farmer shows off grapes grown on his farm to meet market demand.

Agribusiness Expansion in Macedonia

Introducing new, value-added crops to expand agricultural production and incomes in Macedonia