Tetra Tech creates practical, sustainable, and environmentally responsible solutions to address the world’s most complex challenges.

Our service areas include agriculture and economic growth; democracy and governance; energy; environment and natural resources; land tenure and property rights; water supply and sanitation; architecture, engineering, and construction services; and global security. Tetra Tech creates practical, sustainable, and environmentally responsible solutions for federal agencies, governments, multilateral banks, and multinational corporations.

Our approach is based on sound science, stakeholder engagement, capacity building, and innovative technologies and best practices. Our goal on every project is to ensure local ownership and sustainable development long after our work is complete. Our expertise includes monitoring and evaluation tools, grants management systems, compliance systems, and public-private partnerships.

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Clean and Green Public Education Campaign for children of Kabul schools

Kabul City Initiative, Afghanistan

Working with the Kabul Municipality to enhance quality of life for local citizens by improving essential public service delivery

Helping build the capacities of market actors to facilitate value chain linages and enhance market system functioning

Strengthening Value Chains to Bolster Food Security

Increasing household incomes and enabling access to nutrient rich crops in the Democratic Republic of the Congo

Youth engagement is critical to combatting corruption in Ukraine

Support to Anti-Corruption Champion Institutions

Helping reduce corruption and increase the accountability and transparency of governance in Ukraine

Tetra Tech is assessing opportunities in the DRC to improve agricultural land use and reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

Productive Landscapes

Developing tools and evidence to help demonstrate sustainable land management methods and approaches worldwide

An Afghan engineer collects data from his smart phone on a road constructed in Parwan Province, north of Kabul

Afghanistan Reconstruction Trust Fund Third Party Monitoring Program

Supporting infrastructure projects and strengthening monitoring and project management capacity at Government of Afghanistan ministries