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Solving environmental challenges to create a more resilient future

Tetra Tech discusses how publicly traded companies can prepare compliance strategies to address upcoming climate change disclosure requirements.

Jason Coccia discusses how organizations can improve efforts to address biodiversity loss and other nature- and climate-related risks.

Krista Dearing discusses the challenges of navigating regulatory requirements, conducting outreach, and securing land for energy projects.

Tetra Tech’s scientists, engineers, and technical experts work with clients across the globe to provide cost-effective, scalable environmental solutions that are implementable, regulatory compliant, and protective of human health and the environment. Through our centers of excellence, we offer a full range of turnkey services, from planning, permitting, and design to construction oversight and monitoring. Learn more.


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Our featured environment highlights

Map of the area surrounding a power plant overlaid with GIS data produced by Tetra Tech's geospatial mapping team

Integrated Geospatial Mapping Solutions for Planning, Siting, and Permitting Energy Projects

Headshot of Erin Hague

Erin Hague Discusses Designing Solutions for Coastal and Ecosystem Protection, Restoration, and Resilience

Science background with 3D molecule

Mitigating PFAS Cross Contamination During AFFF Replacement Projects

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