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Leading with Science® and leveraging our technology

Combining industry-leading technology expertise and in-depth operational knowledge

Tetra Tech Delta delivers solutions that combine science and engineering expertise with advanced analytics and technology. Our interdisciplinary teams collaborate with our clients to create customized, sustainable, and scalable solutions to address their most challenging problems.

Tetra Tech Delta subscription solutions


Unleash the power of geospatial data with AI


Explore an ocean of data in an instant


Hear acoustic changes to your space virtually


Visualize air traffic and environmental data


Enhance and protect your water system

At Tetra Tech, we provide value-generating solutions by combining operational expertise, science, and technology.

Tetra Tech Delta  encompasses the advanced data analytics, artificial intelligence (AI), and digital technologies that we have designed to provide transformational solutions for our clients.

We create solutions that answer client needs—from smart data collection and advanced analytics that support decision-making to automated intelligent processes and secure cloud solutions that modernize operations. Tetra Tech Delta solutions provide AI-powered insights that can optimize asset management, increase resiliency, and reduce risk.

Tetra Tech Delta builds on more than 50 years of research and industry-leading, technology-driven experience that serve as the foundation for the solutions we are providing to our clients today. Tetra Tech’s interdisciplinary experts understand the challenges our clients face and how to leverage technology to solve them. 

Innovative solutions, practical applications

Tetra Tech uses our Leading with Science approach to create technology solutions that combine our industry-leading technology expertise and in-depth operational knowledge into practical offerings.

A view of a street with red highlighting of part of the street and trees, showing LiDAR used to provide corridor clearance assessments

Unleashing the power of data using FusionMap’s AI-powered insights

50% time savings for modeling and inspections

Tetra Tech’s FusionMap is an innovative and flexible web-based platform that transforms how users can access, manage, and visualize their geospatial data. FusionMap integrates custom AI models to extract actionable intelligence from various data sources. Its comprehensive asset management, immersive 360-degree imagery, and augmented reality capabilities further enhance the user’s ability to explore data, making FusionMap a leader in AI-powered geospatial data management.

  • 50% reduction in time spent on 3D modeling and inspections
  • Expanding library of more than 45 AI models tailored to client requirements
  • Near-real-time LiDAR change detection of thousands of miles of roads, highways, and rail tracks with millimetric accuracy
  • 365/24/7 fully automated flood monitoring of more than 2,000 miles of assets from coast to coast
  • More than 70 terabytes of processed, analyzed data from satellite vendors updated weekly
Map generated by OceansMap showing wave and wind predictions to inform offshore wind turbine maintenance requirements

Leveraging an ocean of data for informed decision-making

600+ environmental data sources with global and regional coverage

OceansMap is designed specifically to overcome the challenge of combining complex environmental data from disparate sources and integrating impactful tools. It fosters collaboration, provides a common operational picture, and facilitates data-driven decision-making. Tailored experiences create insights, inform decisions, and unleash the power of data.

  • 600+ environmental data sources with global and regional coverage
  • Evolving library of 25+ widgets and visualization and analysis tools
  • Customizable insights dashboards for monitoring and planning
  • Instantaneous MetOcean analysis at critical locations for informed operations
  • Dynamic update of latest forecast and observation data
  • Advanced cloud-native data management system with quality assurance/quality control
A man in business casual attire sits in front of a monitor displaying the myProjects dashboard with connected circuitry imagery overlaid

Simplifying data capture and reporting with myProjects

Up to 25% effort saved across the life of a project

Tetra Tech’s myProjects is a secure, cloud-based project management tool with an intuitive, easy-to-use interface that can be customized according to program and project requirements, providing a single source of truth.

  • Up to 25% effort saved across the life of a project
  • 6,000+ projects supported globally with $26 billion in project value
  • Supported by program and project management experts
  • Accurate real-time reporting and insights to drive informed decision-making
  • Interactive capability and easy integration into existing systems
  • Facilitates transparency, consistency, and collaboration between teams and stakeholders
Point cloud data from Tetra Tech’s RailAI and automation system that modernizes rail track inspection

Improving safety and producing faster results using RailAI®

16 times greater inspection rate

Our RailAI solution uses AI and automation to modernize rail track inspection, improving safety and efficiency. The RailAI autonomous railcar operates uncrewed and provides real-time track condition data for immediate and preventative maintenance.

  • AI-powered autonomous data collection
  • Real-time processing at 70 miles-per-hour survey speed
  • 24/7 fully automated track inspections
  • 5 times the functionality at 1/5 the cost per mile of human-operated systems
  • 16 times greater inspection rate than traditional methods
  • 50% reduction in visual inspections
A plane and blue flight path visualization created using Volans with circuit imagery overlaid

Improving decision-making and communication with 3D air traffic visualization software

10 times faster noise and emissions impact calculations

Volans® is visually stunning, easy-to-use, and functionally rich software that supports stakeholder engagement and data-driven decision-making. Tetra Tech’s proprietary and patented 3D visualization software enables users to study environmental and noise impacts near airports, design new departure and arrival procedures, perform air safety studies, create video presentations for education and community outreach, and analyze air space restrictions and obstructions. Volans is an integral technology supporting airspace modernization in the United States and the United Kingdom.

  • Rapid 3D analysis of flight tracks and takeoff and landing procedures
  • Sophisticated video creation capabilities to assist in outreach and education
  • Calculates environmental impact of both existing activities and proposed designs
  • 10 times speed increase in calculating noise and emissions impact at major airports
  • 3D visualization websites enable governments to inform and engage the public on nationwide airspace modernization
  • Visual comparison of airspace changes and local and regional impacts
A view of a room and hands holding an iPad displaying the AiHear app with a projection of sound changes to the space

Making acoustic simulations accessible to everyone: Hearing is believing with AiHear

Test and hear the acoustics of your space

AiHear™ is the first truly portable and simple-to-use acoustics auralization app that enables anyone to test and hear real-time adjustments to the acoustic parameters of an augmented reality or virtual reality space and associated sound sources. Anyone can easily simulate and experience how various design solutions will sound by customizing the sound sources, reverberation, and architectural and environmental acoustic conditions of the space and hearing the impact of these changes.

  • Experience Hearing is Believing with AiHear using only an iPad and an off-the-shelf headphones
  • Test and hear real-time changes to the acoustic parameters of a space
  • Portable and easy to use, anywhere
  • 50% setup time saving in comparison to traditional auralization systems
  • Highly interactive, supporting greater insight and informed decision making

Our featured Tetra Tech Delta highlights

City of Raleigh and Tetra Tech staff celebrate the City’s GSI and LID program ICMA Award of Excellence

Advancing Green Stormwater Infrastructure and Low Impact Development

The Tetra Tech designed dam including real-time controls to ensure effective operation of the flood protection

Controlling Flooding through Application of Real-time Control

3D display of flight path and colored noise levels generated by Volans environmental analysis and design tool

3-Dimensional Visualization for Aviation Technology

Graphic displaying the analytics data chain supported through the ECAAS program

Leveraging Data to Support Smallholder Farmers’ Climate Resilience Globally

Intelligent Water System Central Control Room designed by Tetra Tech

Building Community Resiliency with Intelligent Water Management 

Aerial view of the Fort Pierce Marina artificial island complex that Tetra Tech designed

Designing a Stronger, Resilient Marina to Provide Storm Protection in Florida

Headshot of Bonnie Brandreth

Bonnie Brandreth Discusses Using Data Analytics to Strengthen the Modern Energy Sector

Proposed Marinus Link shore crossing site at Waratah Bay, Victoria

Unlocking Renewable Energy Generation Opportunities between Victoria and Tasmania

Headshot of Richard Choularton

Richard Choularton Discusses Food Security and Climate Resilience

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