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Climate Change Services

Aerial view of mangroves in West Africa

Tetra Tech is Leading with Science® to support communities and nations around the world to adapt to and mitigate the challenges and impacts of climate change.

Tetra Tech’s multidisciplinary climate change experts bring more than 40 years of experience supporting government donors and private-sector clients to implement adaptation and mitigation programs in developing countries. We work at the regional, national, municipal, and community levels to integrate practical and locally led climate solutions across our sectors.

We integrate data and science-based solutions to design smart programs that result in lasting impact across our climate services. Our teams combine deep expertise in monitoring and evaluation with data analytics to deliver advanced and accessible climate risk data for decision-making for our clients and the communities we serve. We leverage our Tetra Tech Delta suite of digital technologies, including artificial intelligence and machine learning, to enhance our solutions.

Our experts are committed to a people-first focus, from conducting scientific and policy assessments to reducing greenhouse gas emissions and implementing effective adaptation and mitigation solutions. While the work is complex, the goal is simple—Tetra Tech works on behalf of our clients to build resilient and sustainable communities and nations in response to a changing climate.

A farmer sits in his field with climate-resilient irrigation technology

Adaptation and Resilience

We use integrated climate risk analysis to support evidence-based decision-making on adaptation solutions in key sectors, including agricultural productiongovernancewater resources, and infrastructure development.

  • Climate vulnerability assessments
  • Climate scenario and risk modeling
  • Adaptation pathways and community resilience
  • Nature-based solutions
Group of solar engineers stand in a solar panel field at the base of Mt. Kilimanjaro as part of the Tetra Tech-led Power Africa program

Climate Finance

Tetra Tech integrates climate finance tools into agriculture and food securitynatural resource management, energyinfrastructure, and biodiversity conservation projects. Our expertise in climate and disaster risk finance enables international institutions and governments to deploy finance more rapidly in response to climate disasters.

  • Green finance mechanisms
  • Carbon finance and credits for communities and businesses
  • Access to finance, including loans and grants
  • Climate risk management for businesses
Woman kneels in her field of cabbage in Cambodia

Sustainable Landscapes

Tetra Tech’s industry-leading approaches and solutions mitigate the main sources of land-based greenhouse gas emissions, including deforestation, unsustainable land management, and land degradation. We work closely with governments, the private sector, and communities to develop improved management practicesstronger institutions; and incentives to better protect, manage, and restore critical forest and land resources.

  • REDD+ and climate finance delivery
  • Social and environmental safeguards
  • Carbon financing and environmental service payment
  • Low emission strategy development
  • Carbon monitoring, reporting, and verification
A female wind power engineer stands looking at a windmill in the distance in Indonesia


Tetra Tech implements programs to accelerate the technologies and policies the world needs to achieve net zero and a just energy transition. Our clients are governments, policy planners, investors and lenders, power project developers, and development agencies. We work together to increase energy access, strengthen energy security, and power economies.

  • Decarbonization and power grid modernization
  • Energy and gender equality
  • Energy-water-food nexus
  • Scaling up renewable energy
  • Increasing energy efficiency
  • Market-based mechanisms like emissions trading
Coastal landscape in Dominican Republic

Coastal Zone Management and Ocean Health

Our scientists and engineers leverage a science-based approach for public and private sector clients and partners. We serve coastal communities through the entire project life cycle—from initial assessments and data collection efforts to the design and construction of critical infrastructure and restoration of coastal habitat.

A woman sits behind buckets of various vegetables at her stall at a market in Ghana

Agriculture and Food Security

Tetra Tech offers world-class expertise in climate-smart agricultural technologies and practices. We use these technologies to identify and promote locally adapted, drought-resistant crop varieties, support sustainable intensification and water management practices, and help diversify and foster climate-resilient farming systems. 

Panoramic skyline view of Nairobi, Kenya

Urban Areas

Tetra Tech’s expertise spans the continuum of climate resiliency—helping urban areas prepare for, withstand, and respond and adapt to climate change.  We focus on helping clients ensure the security of vulnerable and critical infrastructure  services, such as water supply, by using a comprehensive framework that recognizes system interdependencies. 

  • Green and climate-resilient infrastructure
  • Sustainable water supply
  • Climate vulnerability assessments
  • Flood management and protection
  • Emergency preparedness and response

Learn more about region-specific climate change services offered by our teams in the UK and Europe and Asia-Pacific.

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Headshot of Ujjwal Pradhan

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