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Environment and Natural Resources

Group of farmers in their rice field in Cambodia

Tetra Tech empowers communities and partners to improve natural resource management, conserve biodiversity, and enhance local, regional, and national resiliency to the impacts of climate change.

We work with host country governments, civil society, and the private sector to develop sustainable environmental and natural resource management solutions that are science-based and tailored to the local context, need, and opportunity. With access to expertise from 130 countries, a 40-year track record of success, and a commitment to Leading with Science®, we manage complex programs, delivering results that meet client goals and stakeholder needs.

Tetra Tech’s services and ability to drive lasting results for our clients are differentiated by our ability to deliver system solutions, fit-for-purpose technology products, and access to market-based sustainability.

Female forest patrol officer leads a group of officers working to combat wildlife trafficking and to conserve forests in Cambodia through a Tetra Tech-led biodiversity program

Biodiversity Conservation

Tetra Tech offers proven models to improve biological diversity conservation and income generation, adapting best practices and innovations to meet the need of each community.

  • Integration of conservation and sustainable livelihoods
  • Regional and transboundary cooperation and biodiversity strategies
  • Multi-stakeholder landscape and ecosystem management and restoration
  • Combatting Illegal wildlife trade
  • Monitoring and verifying chain-of-custody and certification
A woman sits beside her clean cooking stove, an initiative of the Tetra Tech-led program to reduce dependency on charcoal and to conserve forests in Malawi

Climate Change Adaptation, Mitigation, and Resilience

Tetra Tech uses integrated climate risk analysis to support adaptation solutions in key sectors, including agricultural production, governance, water resources, and infrastructure development. We work with clients to deliver sustainable solutions that meet ambitious climate goals and build resilient communities.

  • Carbon markets and project financing support
  • Climate vulnerability assessments, modeling, and forecasting
  • Fair and inclusive climate adaptation solutions
  • Climate resilient and low emissions development pathways
  • Nationally Determined Contributions (NDCs) and National Adaptation Plans
A woman and man stand in front of sustainably produced lumber as part of the Tetra Tech-led forestry program in Peru

Natural Resource Management

Tetra Tech engages people, communities, regional organizations, and country governments in the long-term management of their natural resources. Our team provides policy and capacity support alongside technology that empowers communities and local governments to monitor resource flows and enforce activities.

  • Sustainable landscape and forest management
  • Fisheries and coastal zone management
  • Watershed management and water resource governance
  • Combatting ocean plastic pollution
  • Climate-smart agriculture
  • Data-driven policies

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Our featured environment and natural resources highlights

The A2C project is helping reduce charcoal demand to protect areas from increasing threats of deforestation

Promoting Alternative Technologies and Fuels to Reduce Deforestation

Through SuFiA TS, Tetra Tech works with the private sector, shown here offloading fish catch into colorful basket

Improving the Management of Marine Biodiversity and Fisheries in the Indo-Pacific Region

A group of people in West Africa plant mangrove seedlings through a Tetra Tech-supported climate adaptation program

Advancing Equitable and Impactful Climate Adaptation

Rural community member collecting tree resin within a protected area near his village in northern Cambodia

Advancing Sustainable Management of Cambodia’s Prey Lang Extended Landscape

Female ecoguards collect biomonitoring data in Liberia’s Grebo-Krahn Forest

Advancing Biodiversity Conservation and Climate Mitigation in West Africa

Three Indonesian fishermen cast a net while fishing offshore

Leveraging Science and Technology in Fisheries Management in Indonesia

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