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Gender Equity, Disability, and Social Inclusion

Aerial view of Colombian women and girls with their arms up

Tetra Tech leverages a global network of experts and relationships with local partners, institutions, and the private sector to develop holistic, inclusive, and intersectoral approaches to our work.

Tetra Tech’s in-house team of gender equity, disability, and social inclusion (GEDSI) specialists support governments and communities in improving policies, laws, and practices and raise public awareness about issues affecting women, girls, and marginalized groups. Tetra Tech employs context-specific, interdisciplinary approaches in project design, delivery, and evaluation. Our work goes beyond identifying and working with communities that experience marginalization. We support our clients to address injustices, transform harmful social norms and roles, and create systems that work for all.

Group photo of women on stage in Vietnam

Policy and Institutional Strengthening

Tetra Tech develops data-driven GEDSI policies and strategies alongside local stakeholders and decision-makers. We train and support local gender equity and social inclusion (GESI) advisors to advance change in the countries and communities where we work.

  • GEDSI budgeting and gender audits
  • GEDSI policy development and implementation
  • Equitable economic empowerment, job creation, and workforce development
  • Gender-based and intimate partner violence and sexual harassment training, awareness raising, and improved service provision
  • Social inclusion and Indigenous Peoples policies, training, awareness raising, and program design
Five women potato farmers in India

Program Design, Monitoring, and Evaluation

Tetra Tech leverages evidence-based program design and works with technical specialists to include GEDSI in monitoring and evaluation frameworks and theories of change; and undertakes research and analysis to effectively integrate GEDSI issues into project design, implementation, and reporting.

  • Gender and social inclusion assessment and analysis
  • GEDSI strategy design and development
  • Gender mainstreaming, integration strategies, and frameworks
  • Social behavior and gender norms change
  • Portfolio monitoring, evaluation, and review
  • GEDSI learning agenda development and implementation
Female fisheries specialist presents training materials to a small group

Education and Training

Tetra Tech uses vulnerability analyses and do-not-harm approaches and tools in all our projects to enhance inclusion and equity, supporting women and youth disproportionately impacted by conflict, climate change, and pandemics, such as COVID-19.  We engage and promote male champions in these efforts using internationally recognized best practices and GEDSI approaches.

  • Leadership and organizational change management
  • Gender equity, diversity, and social inclusion
  • Capacity building to safeguard gender, peace and security, and conflict-sensitive changes

At Tetra Tech, we recognize that effective development programming is equitable programming. To achieve long-lasting, sustainable outcomes, we must listen to, respect, and integrate the diverse needs of women, youth, and marginalized groups into our work, across cultures and contexts, using interdisciplinary and intersectional frameworks and tools.

Learn more about the GEDSI work of our teams in Indo-Pacific and in the United Kingdom and Europe.

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Our featured gender equity, disability, and social inclusion highlights

Headshot of Dr. Thais Bessa

Thais Bessa Discusses How Gender Equality and Social Inclusion Amplify Development Impact

Open dump site with large pile of waste and plastic pollution next to an ecologically significant landscape

Preventing Ocean Plastic Pollution through Sustainable Waste Management

Founders of Migeto Agribusiness Company Limited and Mkami (T) Ltd, display their products at the 2023 Africa Food Systems Forum

Supporting Tanzania’s Youth Agripreneurs with Market Systems Development

Three wind turbines on a green landscape

Scaling Up Renewable Energy Worldwide

Engendering Industries participants from GRIDCo visit an electricity substation in Tema, near Accra, Ghana

Increasing Gender Equality in Male-dominated Industries Worldwide

Residents of Mai’ls Koutiala’s village, where Tetra Tech performs baseline water assessments to identify infrastructure

Improving Water and Sanitation Access in Mali

Be part of our work in gender equity, disability, and social inclusion

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