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Providing sustainable solid waste solutions to meet communities’ evolving needs

Tetra Tech helps communities implement alternative disposal technologies to improve the sustainability of their waste management operations.

Tetra Tech’s Dr. Arie Kremen discusses the role of PFAS in the solid waste industry.

Los Angeles County Sanitation District converts biogas to fuel for the second busiest container port in the United States.

Tetra Tech focuses on our clients’ long-term solid waste operational, compliance, diversion, and revenue generation needs and objectives. With responsiveness and superior service that exceeds client expectations on every project, we provide the highest quality of services, from project conception through completion. Learn more.


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Our featured solid waste highlights

Headshot of Christine Mejia Arbogast

Christine Mejia Arbogast Discusses Meeting the Needs of the Solid Waste Industry

Headshot of Debra Darby

Debra Darby Discusses Sustainable Organics Solutions

Headshot of Bodhi Piedmont-Fleischmann

Bodhi Piedmont-Fleischmann Discusses Sustainable Solutions for Landfills 

Headshot of Sami Ayass

Sami Ayass Discusses Solving Environmental Problems at Landfills

A field technician operating a drone over a landfill

A Higher Level of Data Gathering—Applying Drone Technology to Landfills

Aerial view of solar panels on a landfill

Solar Energy Generates Revenue from Closed Landfills

Aerial view of a landfill

Long-term Facility Master Planning and MSE Berm Engineering Services, New Jersey

Aerial view of a landfill

Engineering Support at the Prima Deshecha Landfill

Tetra Tech performed full-service landfill engineering support at the Fairmead Landfill in Madera, California

Landfill Engineering Support for the County of Madera Public Works Department

Explore our solid waste solutions

Our engineers and scientists leverage industry-leading technical expertise, in-depth local knowledge, and sustainable approaches to provide cost-effective and environmentally compliant solutions that support existing operations, while accommodating future growth.

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Our people around the world are supporting our mission and vision for a sustainable world. Join us today.

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