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Democracy, Rights, and Governance

Urban landscape of Tbilisi, Georgia, representing a governance ecosystem where Tetra Tech supports strengthened local and regional governance and civil society engagement

Tetra Tech is an industry leader with nearly 40 years of experience helping promote strong governance and democratic solutions around the world.

Our interdisciplinary team of governance experts works with local partners to foster effective democratic and institutional reforms, protect human rights, promote justice, and improve lives. We lead efforts to strengthen civil society and citizen engagement, reduce corruption risks, promote human rights, prevent crime and violence, and strengthen effective legislative processes. Our innovative solutions support decentralized governance, build local government capacity, assist with municipal services, strengthen institutions and transparency, and increase the participation of women and vulnerable populations.

An infrastructure supervisor in Georgia oversees new construction projects through the Tetra Tech-led Georgia Local Governance Program

Local Governance and Decentralization

Tetra Tech supports national, regional, and local government counterparts to establish and strengthen the foundation for democratic, decentralized local governance by creating the prerequisite legal framework and policies. We help governments maximize their potential for domestic resource mobilization, especially in the context of local governance and decentralization.

  • Public financial management systems and procedures
  • Skill building for government officials
  • Public service delivery
  • Mechanisms for broad citizen engagement
An individual in Colombia holds a map and points to a location with a group of people working in a target region of the Colombia governance program, led by Tetra Tech

Anti-Corruption, Transparency, and Accountability

Tetra Tech strengthens public sector institutions and systems while enhancing the ability of the private sector and civil society to demand transparency and accountability.

  • Government accountability mechanism design
  • Citizen engagement strengthening
  • Public policy oversight capacity strengthening
  • Civil society organization capacity building
Two people stand in front of a wall with handwritten posters and graphics including one that reads “Build Peace Colombia” as part of Tetra Tech’s community peacebuilding activities

Stabilization and Institutional Strengthening

Tetra Tech provides technical assistance, training, and technology-based solutions to enhance the performance of institutions that are undergoing administrative reform or otherwise growing into their mandates. Our programs promote well-being, resiliency, and stability in conflict-prone and post-conflict countries.

  • Democratic and accountable governance
  • Delivery of essential services
  • Equitable economic growth
  • Inclusive development
  • Human rights protection
  • Crime and violence prevention
A person in Côte d’Ivoire stands at an election survey box supported by the Tetra Tech-led ProJustice program

Rule of Law

As a global leader in rule of law and stability services, Tetra Tech provides public institutions and civil society in partner nations with the skills, knowledge, and tools they need to strengthen the rule of law, access justice, and support a properly functioning and people-centered justice system. Our teams include a wide range of rule of law experts, including judges, prosecutors, public defenders, law enforcement officers, and justice sector managers who have extensive experience in their professional fields as well as in the international arena.

  • Access to justice and human rights
  • Criminal justice strengthening
  • Court management
  • Enabling business environments
A lawyer, supported by the Tetra Tech-led Uzbekistan Justice and Rule of Law program, stands at the front of a meeting room presenting findings on a poster to a group of five people

Analytical Services

Tetra Tech offers a full range of analytical research services to support and inform strategic and evidence-based planning of democracy, human rights, and governance (DRG) programming.

  • Assessments, surveys, and evaluations
  • Political economy analyses
  • Qualitative and quantitative methods to improve DRG programming

Learn more about our governance work being led by our team at MSI, A Tetra Tech Company, and our team in the United Kingdom and Europe.

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Our featured democracy, rights, and governance highlights

Tetra Tech team members sitting at a table with council members discussing strategic development and action plans

Realizing Effective and Accountable Local Governments in Georgia

Tetra Tech engineer overseeing a construction site for a water supply project

Improving Local Governance and Citizen Services in Moldova

Two men in Colombia look at wall with posters from a citizen participation workshop focused on peacebuilding

Advancing Development Outcomes through Improved Good Governance Worldwide

USAID and project staff announce the Parliament of Georgia’s new website concept

Strengthening Democratic Governance in Georgia

Headshot of Kalinda Magloire

Kalinda Magloire Discusses Challenges and Opportunities for Locally Led Peacebuilding Programming in Fragile Contexts

Kyiv, Ukraine cityscape of Kiev and Ukrainian flag waving in the wind during summer in Podil district and new buildings

Supporting Stabilization and Reconstruction Efforts in Ukraine and Eastern Europe

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