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Agriculture and Food Security

A berry farmer in Kosovo displays his latest crop yield

Tetra Tech designs integrated, locally driven solutions to enhance food security and promote climate adaptation and mitigation and resilient market growth.

Our interdisciplinary team applies a multidisciplinary approach to promoting agribusiness, market systems development, and private sector investment. We leverage evidence-based and market driven approaches to develop and implement creative solutions that catalyze agricultural sector development, trade and market diversification, and improved rural service delivery. Our approach integrates gender, youth, and vulnerable populations in all our activities to achieve broad-based sustainable and inclusive economic growth.

Effective crop irrigation and drainage systems, such as those shown, provide water during dry spells and remove water during floods

Climate-Smart Agriculture and Resilience

Tetra Tech uses targeted, context-appropriate strategies, data-driven decision-making, and advanced analytics to mitigate climate risk to farmers and agribusinesses, support climate adaptation, reduce agricultural emissions, and increase resilience to climate change.

  • Sustainable and locally adapted crop and farming systems
  • Climate weather and data analytics
  • Women and youth empowerment
  • Climate policy for agriculture
  • Digital agriculture solutions
Two people standing in front of a body of water holding a net. Tetra Tech supports youth entrepreneurs in Zanzibar
Photo courtesy of Abdullah Mbarouk Rashid

Food Security, Improved Productivity, and Enterprise Development

Tetra Tech adapts global solutions to increase farm and agribusiness productivity, provide farming households with augmented incomes, and improve food availability, safety, and security. We facilitate the adoption of appropriate technologies to reduce agricultural losses and add value to farmer output, coupled with comprehensive business development services for agribusiness enterprises.

  • Farmer and community-based organizations facilitation
  • Farm production practices improvement
  • Training on agronomic practices, income diversification, food safety, and nutrition-sensitive messaging
  • Financial management and marketing skills for farmers and enterprises
Tetra Tech organized a cupping event for World Coffee Day at the coffee lab in Bukavu, DRC

Inclusive Market Systems and Trade

Tetra Tech uses evidence and analysis to build the capacity of producer organizations, industry associations, agribusinesses, and the public sector to strengthen inclusive market systems, promote a favorable business-enabling environment, and expand trade.

  • Agriculture value chain knowledge management and distribution
  • Facilitation of public-private partnerships, investment, and engagement
  • Enhancements to availability of financial sector intermediation and tailored financial products
Women in South Sudan processing maize and preparing for storage. Food security starts at home

Disaster Management and Risk Mitigation

Tetra Tech leverages extensive experience in contingency planning, preparedness, resilience programming, linking safety nets to resilience building and risk finance, and flood risk assessment. We focus on understanding complex pathways and temporal trends across climate shocks, their impact on livelihoods, and the emergence of crises as a foundation for risk finance solutions.

  • Institutional partnerships to develop shock-responsive risk finance solutions
  • Assessment, design, and implementation of insurance products
  • Risk modeling and mapping analytics
  • Strengthened institutional risk management and contingency planning
  • Strategic planning, analysis, and advisory support

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Our featured agriculture and food security highlights

A group of youth standing in a field watch a drone prepare to take off

Supporting Climate-Smart Adaptation and Resilience in Kosovo

Pile of grain bags available for sale outside a store in Uganda

Improving Evidence-Based Decision-Making for Agriculture in Africa

Founders of Migeto Agribusiness Company Limited and Mkami (T) Ltd, display their products at the 2023 Africa Food Systems Forum

Supporting Tanzania’s Youth Agripreneurs with Market Systems Development

Person in a field holding a tool, part of BIFAD’s awareness for new agricultural research and tools

Supporting USAID’s Advisory Board to Advance Food Security Worldwide

Three Indonesian fishermen cast a net while fishing offshore

Leveraging Science and Technology in Fisheries Management in Indonesia

Woman carrying a bucket of fish on her head

Supporting the Recovery of Ghana’s Small Pelagic Fisheries Sector

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