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ESG and Sustainability

Sustainable glass office building with trees for reducing carbon dioxide

Tetra Tech brings together experts across disciplines to develop holistic, outcome-based solutions to help our clients address their unique sustainability challenges.

Tetra Tech’s interdisciplinary teams of scientists, engineers, planners, data managers, and communications experts deliver data-driven, outcome-oriented approaches, enabling our clients to achieve solutions that benefit communities and the environment.

We partner with our clients to solve complex environmental challenges. We use our Leading with Science® approach to deliver bespoke solutions that are data-driven and scientifically sound. Our expertise enables us to tackle a diverse range of pain points, from designing climate action plans for municipalities to developing decarbonization strategies for global corporations.

We leverage cutting-edge technologies and innovative approaches to support our clients in more than 100 countries to solve complex challenges and capture sustainability opportunities across a broad range of ESG issues. Leading by example, Tetra Tech formalized our Sustainability Program in 2010 and reports annually on our progress towards achieving our 2030 ESG goals. Our most significant impact as a company is through the 100,000 projects that we perform on behalf of our clients each year. We measure the social and environmental impacts of these projects as a part of our goal to improve the lives of 1 billion people globally by 2030.

Visual circular depiction of Environmental, Social, and Governance pillars with landscape background

Environmental, Social, Governance (ESG)

Tetra Tech’s interdisciplinary team of sustainability experts works with clients to provide strategy consulting and implementation solutions to capture opportunities and mitigate reputation, financial, and asset value risks that have a material impact on their organization.

  • Gap assessments, benchmarking, and baselining
  • Materiality assessment and stakeholder engagement
  • Cost-benefit analysis
  • Sustainability, decarbonization, and net zero strategy
  • ESG strategy development
  • Environmental justice assessment
  • Inclusive and sustainable supply chain evaluations
  • Organizational reporting, disclosure, and impact storytelling
Nigerian farmer on an onion farm in Kaduna

Climate Resiliency and Adaptation Solutions

Our climate scientists, hazard mitigation experts, and resilience planners support enhanced mitigation planning, incorporating the effects of sea level rise and climate change into strategies that increase operational and community-wide resiliency. Our climate services team works with our clients to conduct climate vulnerability assessments, develop scientific models to understand different climate scenarios, determine adaptation pathways, and support implementation and financing of actions that strengthen climate resilience at all levels.

View of a sustainable building with trees and other greenery surrounding it

Sustainable Buildings, Infrastructure, and Communities

Tetra Tech offers a broad range of best-practice sustainable master planning, building, and infrastructure services through the Tetra Tech High Performance Buildings Group, which leverages the talents of engineers, commissioning agents, energy analysts, and sustainable building specialists from around the world.

Wind turbines generating clean power in the plains with a blue sky backdrop

Renewable Energy

From organizational and building energy audits and modeling to cleaner energy generation, storage, and transmission, Tetra Tech offers a full suite of services for energy solutions around the world. We provide clean energy consulting services to utilities, developers, power project financers, and other energy producers around the world. Our team includes industry-leading renewable energy experts. 

Geothermal power plant in open area

Greenhouse Gas (GHG) Management

Tetra Tech’s global team of GHG experts can support communities, governments, and companies around the world in managing and reducing GHG emissions. Tetra Tech offers a reliable and lasting partnership aimed at guiding our clients through every step of the process while taking into account new protocols for emissions calculations.

  • Comprehensive GHG quantification
  • Project pre-feasibility studies
  • Carbon management and decarbonization planning
  • Carbon offsets and carbon capture
  • GHG emissions measurement and reporting
  • Offset project development
  • GHG validation and verification
  • Technical training and project development tools
  • Methane capture and use technologies

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Headshot of Dr. Sujoy B. Roy

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