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Hydrogen tanks pictured in front of wind turbines
Tetra Tech understands hydrogen’s role in the future of energy decarbonization and has extensive experience helping our clients select technologies and processes most suitable for their project-specific and overall energy transition needs.

Tetra Tech provides planning, siting, permitting, cost/benefit analysis, engineering, and data management services to our clients looking to enter the hydrogen market. Tetra Tech’s team of scientists, engineers, and project managers has years of experience in the global energy market and helps our clients navigate the complex engineering and regulatory requirements related to hydrogen development. Our expertise includes:

  • Green hydrogen production facilities (electrolysis from renewable energy)
  • Blue hydrogen production facilities (steam methane reformation with carbon capture)
  • Hydrogen pipeline design (including ASME B31.13)
  • Hydrogen surface facilities (including compressor stations and metering)
  • Hydrogen storage facilities
  • Blending considerations of hydrogen into natural gas systems
  • Material review and recommendations (including embrittlement and stress cracking)
Tetra Tech-created constraints map with information represented in red, green, and purple

Planning and Due Diligence

Tetra Tech has successfully assisted our clients during the planning stage of investment into the hydrogen market, including providing support for acquisitions, project development, risk assessment, and scheduling.

  • Critical Issues Analyses (CIA) and due diligence studies 
  • Cost/benefit analysis
  • GIS constraint mapping, modeling, and data management 
  • Preliminary siting and conceptual site design  
  • Phase I and II Environmental Site Assessments (ESA) 
  • Community, tribal, and Indigenous engagement
Tetra Tech staff member in PPE records environmental data in a field of dry grass

Environmental, Regulatory, and Permitting Services

Tetra Tech has experienced biologists, scientists, geologists, and engineers trained to address complex environmental issues and who have strong working relationships with permitting agencies.

Rendering of round tanks at a hydrogen plant with an urban area in the background

Engineering Services

Tetra Tech provides pipeline and facility engineering services and is well positioned to help our clients understand the key challenges and technical hurdles with producing and transporting hydrogen.

  • Owner’s engineer, independent engineer, and engineer of record
  • Feasibility studies and front-end engineering design studies (Pre-FEED, FEED)
  • Detailed engineering—balance of plant, OSBL, piping, compression, storage, fueling/dispensing
  • Process hazard analysis (PHA)
  • Procurement, vendor bid analysis, and expediting

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