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Overhead view of a hydropower dam and facility
Tetra Tech provides complete hydropower and dam services to utilities, independent power producers, dam owners, and municipalities worldwide.

Tetra Tech uses our Leading with Science® approach to plan and develop strategies that ensure the successful completion of various dam, pumped storage, and hydropower generation projects. Our integrated teams of planners, scientists, engineers, and construction managers support our clients to create economically viable and operationally efficient projects that hold value long term.

Tetra Tech’s experienced renewable energy teams engage in all aspects of a hydropower project, including project development, execution, and operation. We offer comprehensive planning, environmental, engineering, and construction management services for rehabilitations, upgrades, and greenfield power projects. We have developed numerous advanced engineering analysis methods and techniques specific for greenfield development, rehabilitation, and modernization of hydroelectric facilities.

Hydropower facility sketched in white on blue river with tree-lined shore represents planning services


Tetra Tech can assist with planning rehabilitation and project upgrades and siting greenfield development projects. We have developed innovative site assessment tools that increase workflow productivity and provide reliable high-order assessments of hydropower potential to include early-stage economic viability. Our critical issue assessments will identify issues that could potentially derail your project and list valuable strategies to mitigate such risk.

  • Critical issue analysis
  • Community consultation
  • Grid integration
  • Regulatory approvals
Tetra Tech staff in waders and hardhats complete a stream delineation for a hydropower project


The protection of natural resources is paramount to the success of any renewable energy project. Tetra Tech develops comprehensive permit matrices that address all local, state, and federal licensing and permits required for a project.  Our biologists, scientists, and field survey teams have experience identifying environmental concerns and developing and executing mitigation plans accordingly. We routinely conduct extensive field surveys to collect and track relevant project data. 

  • Site assessments
  • Threatened and endangered species
  • Wetlands delineations
  • Cultural and historical resources
  • Avian surveys
  • Fisheries
Engineers in PPE review plans at a hydropower facility


Tetra Tech provides a full suite of engineering and project management services for all sizes of greenfield projects and hydropower facility refurbishments, including dams and pumped storage. We support private and public clients throughout all project states, including scope definition, conceptual and detailed design, manufacturing, QA/QC, and construction management. Our expertise includes sheetpile core dam, full flow bypass valve energy dissipation, and other innovative applications.

  • Hydrology and hydraulic studies (optimization and transient)
  • Dam safety studies
  • Unit upgrade studies
  • Conceptual and detailed design
Water rushes over a spillway at a hydropower facility

Construction Management

Tetra Tech’s construction management team has extensive experience in both greenfield and refurbishments for all hydroelectric facilities and dams. Our expertise includes engineering, procurement, and construction management (EPCM) and owner’s representative.

  • Estimating, scheduling, and cost control services
  • Procurement support
  • Contract management
  • Health and safety planning
  • Risk analysis
  • QA/QC shop and site monitoring
  • Startup and commissioning

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