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Battery Energy Storage Systems

Battery energy storage in a green field under a blue sky with clouds
Tetra Tech offers our battery energy storage system clients a full suite of services, including planning, engineering, and maintaining these systems, in support of the project life cycle.

Our teams support our clients through evaluating potential sites quickly and cost-effectively; navigating the regulatory environment efficiently; and completing environmental, permitting, and engineering support services on time, on budget, and in compliance with applicable regulations and statutes. Tetra Tech provides these capabilities globally for energy storage system projects, including projects with other collocated generation sources. Tetra Tech’s capabilities extend beyond typical battery energy storage development services and include engineering design and constructability reviews, transmission and distribution, and microgrid solutions.

A sketch plan of a battery storage project

Planning and Siting

Tetra Tech offers a full suite of planning, environmental, and engineering services to early-stage battery energy storage system development projects to accurately and efficiently characterize sites and minimize initial and long-term risk to development. Our planners, engineers, and scientists identify and mitigate potential concerns early to position clients’ projects for success.

  • Critical issues analyses, feasibility studies, and due diligence
  • GIS modeling and constraint mapping
  • Preliminary siting and conceptual site design
  • Phase I and II environmental site assessments
  • Aerial imagery and topography surveying (LiDAR)
  • Health and safety evaluations
  • Decommissioning plans
Battery storage system alongside windmills and an array of solar panels

Development, Permitting, and Design

Our project managers skillfully navigate the local and federal regulatory environments to successfully guide projects through the development and permitting process, while our engineers perform detailed civil, mechanical, and electrical design and other required studies in advance of construction.

  • Biological resource (wetland, wildlife, and avian) and geotechnical studies
  • Cultural resource and architectural history surveys
  • Local, state, and federal permitting
  • Visual impact assessments
  • Hydrological and hydraulic flood studies
  • Federal requirements, such as National Environmental Policy Act, and state environmental review
  • Civil, mechanical, and electrical engineering design for the storage site and interconnection to the grid

Owners Engineering, Construction Management, and Compliance

Tetra Tech provides owners engineering and construction management services for battery energy storage system development. Our engineers and construction compliance inspectors work seamlessly with clients and contractors to minimize concerns and ensure structural and electrical integrity of the battery energy storage system site buildout.

  • Design reviews at all stages
  • Request for information (RFI) and contractor submittal reviews
  • Construction management services
  • Stormwater pollution prevention and spill prevention, control, and countermeasures plans
  • Compliance planning and inspection
  • Revegetation and site restoration plans
  • Constructability reviews
  • Field engineering services
  • Post construction monitoring

Operations and Maintenance (O&M)

We understand that a key aspect of a successful project is O&M management of a site. We specialize in O&M mechanical services, providing support to reduce the burden on O&M staff and increase clients’ return on investment.

  • O&M plans and services
  • System optimization and energy loss analyses
  • Tax equity and transaction support

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