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Offshore Wind

Offshore wind turbine pictured in the ocean

Tetra Tech provides industry-leading, science-based permitting, siting, and environmental services and compliance-focused solutions for construction, operations, and maintenance to support the entire life cycle of the offshore wind supply chain.

Our team of planners, project managers, scientists, engineers, and regulatory specialists has supported the development and permitting of offshore wind projects ranging from 12 to 2,640 megawatts. Tetra Tech is the lead environmental consultant for the only two currently operational offshore wind projects in the United States and continues to leverage our deep bench of marine-based and onshore generation and transmission services to successfully navigate the offshore wind regulatory process.

Tetra Tech supports offshore wind developers with initial project planning, including due diligence, fatal flaw analysis, and stakeholder engagement. We lead all local, state, and federal permitting and licensing efforts and provide construction and operations support, including comprehensive compliance services driven by data collection, evaluation, and management. Our onshore permitting and siting services include field surveys, evaluation of points of interconnection, routing, and alternatives assessments. Tetra Tech’s submarine cable services experts focus on cable route constraints analysis and engineering, marine survey planning, and in-depth studies.

Tetra Tech’s offshore wind permitting and licensing services represented by drawing of turbines and tide data in ocean

Permitting and Licensing

Tetra Tech is at the leading edge of permitting for offshore wind projects in the United States, with engagement on dozens of projects on the east and west coasts. We have authored more construction and operations plans, site assessment plans, and survey plans than any other firm, including in-house development and management of dozens of surveys and assessments of resources such as acoustics, navigation and marine use, air emissions, biological resources, cultural resources, visual resources, and commercial and recreational fishing.

Specialized cable lay vessel installing the offshore export cable for the CVOW Pilot Project in 2020

Submarine Cable Services

Tetra Tech is uniquely positioned to support our clients with submarine cable routing, asset crossing management, cable burial risk assessment, and other related services. Our decades of combined experience enable Tetra Tech to provide solutions to meet any submarine cable system need, including desktop studies, cable burial risk assessments, crossings analyses, seabed mobility analysis, installation feasibility assessments, and stakeholder liaison scopes.

  • Surveying and monitoring
  • Geophysical and geotechnical surveys
  • Cable burial risk assessment
  • Submarine cable routing, analysis, and down-selection
  • Point of interconnection analysis
Undersea cable route visualization with point cloud rock as imaged by Tetra Tech geospatial team

Data Management and Constraints Mapping

Data management is a critical component of successful offshore wind projects—from preliminary project planning through construction and operations. Building on established management systems, Tetra Tech hosts user-friendly data portals that enable real-time viewing of site-specific data to help identify constraints and provide a visual representation of the current project. The data can also be leveraged for compliance monitoring.

  • GIS application and data management
  • Critical issues analysis and constraints mapping
  • Environmental compliance monitoring

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