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Onshore Wind

Multiple spinning wind turbines in front of mountains
Tetra Tech offers comprehensive services with science-based, technology-driven solutions throughout the entire life cycle of a wind energy project.

Tetra Tech is a leader in the onshore wind energy market and is ranked #2 in Wind by Engineering News-Record. Our teams have successfully supported more than 1,500 wind projects worldwide. Our project experience extends across North America including all 50 U.S. states and 8 Canadian provinces, as well as Africa, Australia, Central Asia, Europe, and South America. Tetra Tech’s interdisciplinary teams use our Leading with Science® approach to support the full project life cycle from planning to operations to decommissioning or repowering. We help our clients manage risk, achieve objectives, and maximize return on investment.

Tetra Tech works globally to create customized, sustainable, and scalable solutions throughout the wind energy project life cycle. Our depth of resources and broad geographic coverage provide industry-wide expertise and efficient local delivery. We streamline project planning, siting, permitting, and compliance through our international experience and trusted regulatory relationships.

Mountain ridge with wind turbines drawn in white represents Tetra Tech’s onshore wind planning and siting services

Planning and Siting

Tetra Tech offers a full suite of environmental and engineering services to early-stage wind development projects to effectively characterize sites and minimize risk to development. Our team of planners, scientists, and engineers identifies and mitigates potential concerns early to support project success.

Tetra Tech employee with long hair in orange hat and vest types on a mobile device during a wind project field survey

Development and Permitting

Our project managers understand the regulatory environment and navigate complex permitting processes required to take a greenfield or repower wind project through the development process at the local, federal, and territorial level. Our subject matter experts perform resource assessments to investigate project impacts and recommend appropriate best management practices.

Wind turbines being erected by a red crane in the desert at a Tetra Tech-managed project

Construction Management

Tetra Tech provides construction management services for domestic and international wind and transmission sites. Our team works with clients and contractors to seamlessly minimize compliance concerns and facilitate construction.  

  • Construction management and review
  • Owner’s engineer
  • Stormwater pollution prevention plans and spill prevention, control, and countermeasures (SPCC)
  • Education and training programs
  • Compliance planning, management, and monitoring
  • Revegetation, noxious weed management, and site restoration plans
Wind turbines lined up on top of a mountain at sunrise

Operations and Maintenance (O&M)

Our scientists and engineers develop optimal monitoring plans to help clients maintain permit compliance at the site and maximize generation capacity. We specialize in wind O&M mechanical services, which reduce the burden on our clients and provide increased return on investment.

  • O&M, waste management, and SPCC plans
  • Performance analysis, dashboarding, and plant optimization
  • Operation engineering manual technical services
  • Permit compliance and data management
  • Mitigation implementation and monitoring
  • Post-construction wildlife fatality monitoring
  • Decommissioning plans

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