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Tetra Tech’s greatest impact on the world is through the projects we perform in communities around the globe. In partnership with our clients, we are improving lives and creating a more sustainable future.

Aerial view of a landfill

Engineering Support at the Prima Deshecha Landfill

The Tetra Tech designed dam including real-time controls to ensure effective operation of the flood protection

Controlling Flooding through Application of Real-time Control

Tetra Tech supports employees from sanitation service delivery companies that are building prefabricated latrines

Strengthening Municipal Water and Sanitation Service Delivery in West Africa

Aerial view of a landfill

Long-term Facility Master Planning and MSE Berm Engineering Services, New Jersey

Residents of Mai’ls Koutiala’s village, where Tetra Tech performs baseline water assessments to identify infrastructure

Improving Water and Sanitation Access in Mali

Tetra Tech installing HydroTurf® around the power plant reservoir to protect against berm erosion due to flooding

Power Plant Reservoir Berm Liner Installation

The A2C project is helping reduce charcoal demand to protect areas from increasing threats of deforestation

Promoting Alternative Technologies and Fuels to Reduce Deforestation

NYU Langone Health’s Radiation Safety staff conducting readings for radiation contamination

NYU Langone Health Enterprise-wide Full-scale Disaster Exercise 

View of a BioCNG system

St. Landry Parish Landfill Biogas Expansion Project, Louisiana

Municipal water department employees installing a new valve in Cape Town, South Africa

Mobilizing Finance to Increase Climate-Resilient Water and Sanitation Services

Through SuFiA TS, Tetra Tech works with the private sector, shown here offloading fish catch into colorful basket

Improving the Management of Marine Biodiversity and Fisheries in the Indo-Pacific Region

Tetra Tech completing real-time, electronic site documentation prior to entering the hot zone of a commercial property

Thomas Fire Incident Environmental and Debris Monitoring

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