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Harmonizing Soundscapes: Orchestrating Tranquility for Forest Green Rovers Stadium in Gloucestershire 

A sweeping view of a green field in front of the new Forest Green Rover’s Stadium
Tetra Tech’s innovative acoustic and noise mitigation solutions create a serene environment in Forest Green Rovers Stadium at Eco Park.


The Forest Green Rovers Football Club is relocating their stadium to a more accessible location. Ecotricity, a main partner of the football team, faced the challenge of minimizing disturbance to neighboring facilities, including a specialist college for young people with autism and learning difficulties. The potential noise impact from crowd activities during and after matches posed a significant concern that needed to be addressed to maintain a peaceful environment.


Hoare Lea, part of the Tetra Tech High Performance Buildings Group, conducted a comprehensive acoustic assessment, carefully evaluating the effects of crowd noise. Drawing on our expertise, we implemented tailored solutions to minimize noise disturbances. Through advanced acoustic modeling techniques, our design reduces sound transmission, creating a serene atmosphere for the surrounding community.


Tetra Tech’s collaborative efforts have successfully harmonized the soundscapes surrounding Forest Green Rovers Stadium, mitigating noise disruptions, and preserving tranquility. The stadium’s sustainable design, constructed predominantly from wood using environmentally friendly methods, exemplifies the client’s commitment to sustainability. Powered by renewable energy and equipped with on-site EV charging, the stadium stands as a beacon of sustainability and sets new standards for environmentally conscious sports facilities in the UK.

The 5,000-seat Eco Park is powered by green electricity and anticipated to have the lowest carbon footprint of any football stadium in the world.

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