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Advancing Development and Growth through Energy in Bangladesh

A 35 megawatt solar power plant in Bangladesh
Tetra Tech is partnering with the Government of Bangladesh and the private sector to advance energy security and resilience and aid Bangladesh’s transformation to a developed, decarbonized, and inclusive energy sector.

The Government of Bangladesh has set an ambitious target to transform into a developed nation by 2041. Advancing environmentally sustainable, resilient economic growth will require a focus on energy security and universal access to reliable, affordable energy services.


  • Improving energy services for more than 5 million people
  • Mobilizing $3 billion in clean energy investment
  • Facilitating 2 gigawatts of new electricity generation capacity
  • Reducing greenhouse gas emissions by 37 million tons
  • Building capacity of 60 institutions to advance clean energy activities

To meet increasing energy demand and maintain economic growth, the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID) selected Tetra Tech to implement the Bangladesh Advancing Development and Growth through Energy (BADGE) activity. Through BADGE, Tetra Tech is working with USAID and the Government of Bangladesh to increase the use of renewable energy, deploy energy-efficient technology, and diversify the country’s energy mix with sustainable and secure resources.

Tetra Tech’s interventions prioritize private sector engagement and the empowerment of youth, women, and host communities and include:

  • Working with the public and private sector to update energy policies, regulations, and guidelines
  • Encouraging investment in proven technologies that expand access to reliable and modern energy services
  • Strengthening power utilities and infrastructure through collaborative technical assistance
  • Attracting clean energy investment through competitive and transparent procurement mechanisms like auctions
  • Boosting energy system efficiency through improved power grid operation and regional energy trade

Our experts help balance interests in low-cost energy, energy security, and climate resilience. Through BADGE, Tetra Tech is aiding Bangladesh’s transformation to a developed, decarbonized, and inclusive energy sector.

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