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Revitalizing Auckland’s Waterfront: Pioneering a Sustainable Urban Oasis with Tetra Tech’s Visionary Design 

Exterior street view of the Commercial Bay tower
Tetra Tech’s visionary design transformed Commercial Bay, Auckland’s waterfront precinct, creating a sustainable urban destination that maximizes long-term value for Precinct Properties and the community.


The client, Precinct Properties, faced the daunting challenge of transforming a prime waterfront area in Auckland into a thriving urban hub while ensuring long-term sustainability and maximizing energy efficiency. The client sought to create Commercial Bay, a modern development that would seamlessly blend premium office and retail spaces, catering to a diverse community of over 10,000 people. The project needed to address economic, environmental, and social factors, as well as provide a unique energy solution to enhance efficiency and minimize environmental impact.


NDY, part of the Tetra Tech High Performance Buildings Group, provided all building services, including design and construction monitoring during development. The team was involved from the early planning stage in 2014, from concept through to commissioning, until the completion of the project in 2020. We worked alongside Precinct Properties, Resource Coordination Partnership (RCP), Warren and Mahoney, and Fletcher Construction.

At the heart of Tetra Tech’s design was a unique energy center that incorporated a chilled water plant, heating water plant, six-pipe heat recovery chillers, and generators serving both the retail section and the tower. This approach, a first for a development in New Zealand, utilizes load diversification and provides energy-saving features like the heat recovery system.


Thanks to Tetra Tech’s innovative engineering solutions, Commercial Bay achieved a 5 Star Green Star Design rating, setting a benchmark for sustainability in the region. The project is also on track for As-Built certification. The building’s energy-efficient air-conditioning system and centralized energy center led to substantial energy savings and reduced environmental impact. Beyond the technical achievements, Commercial Bay’s successful transformation has revitalized the Auckland waterfront, fostering a diverse community and providing premium office and retail spaces for thousands of people. Tetra Tech’s expertise and commitment to sustainability have not only benefited the client, but also the wider community, with a project that sets new standards for sustainable urban development in New Zealand.

Commercial Bay achieved a 5 Star Green Star Design rating, setting a benchmark for sustainability in the region.

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