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High Performance Buildings Markets

Two women walk through a spacious open area near a stairway with glass surround with wide lighting panels across the ceiling

Tetra Tech’s High Performance Buildings Group delivers resilient buildings through sustainable design.

We bring together the expertise of talented engineers, commissioning agents, and energy analysts from around the world.

A large empty warehouse

Advanced Manufacturing and Distribution

A museum lobby with a large architectural ceiling lighting sculpture above a seating area

Civic and Cultural

A dam with green landscape around it and a blue sky in the background


A university library. One student is walking from between the stacks in the middle ground. In the foreground students are seated with laptops


A colorful hospital ward common area


A hotel lobby with a bench seat under high windows, a woman standing at a long desk, and a walkway leading to large doors open to a terrace


Two people, a man and a woman, are logged into a terminal in a data center data hall

Mission Critical

Three engineers sitting at a table having a discussion

Commercial Offices

A kitchen area in a residential apartment with a terrace area beyond a sliding glass door


A busy retail food hall with people actively ordering and walking by


A small lab space within an office floor. The lab space is separated by a curved glass wall


Rectangular stadium at night

Sports and Entertainment

Aerial view of an expressway at night with car traffic above intersection


Connect with us. Reach out to our high performance buildings experts.

Create a sustainable future with us

Our people around the world are supporting our mission and vision for a sustainable world. Join us today.

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