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A kitchen area in a residential apartment with a terrace area beyond a sliding glass door

Tetra Tech collaborates with stakeholders from inception through completion to achieve the most efficient, discreet, simple-to-operate, and cost-effective solutions that reflect the lifestyle choices of occupiers.

Whether a development for sale, a commercial rented project, or a custom private residence, our vast experience of delivering outstanding projects is brought to every brief.


We work with developers and leading architects to design engineering systems for residential buildings of all types—from affordable and social housing to luxury apartments for low, medium, and high-rise developments. Our extensive experience means we understand the need to balance engineering services and building energy performance.

We provide a range of specialty services and experience with practical and cost-effective solutions, including:

  • Energy modeling
  • Carbon reduction
  • Energy efficiency
  • Fire engineering
  • Communications
  • Security
  • Sustainability consulting
  • Vertical transportation
  • Optimize passive characteristics to reduce carbon footprint
  • Research most suitable building service solutions
  • Apply fire-engineered solutions that extend travel distances and reduce stairwell numbers
  • Monitor technological developments and trends in the residential sector
  • Coordinate service deliveries for high-rise residential buildings

Mixed Use

Mixed-use projects provide unique challenges to integrate separate residential, hotel, retail, and office zones into a cohesive, functional, and aesthetically pleasing addition to the built environment.

Our specialists have decades of experience providing tailored solutions that address the needs of developers, facility managers, and tenants in mixed-use environments, providing a full suite of service design across major mixed-use projects.

We work collaboratively with project stakeholders to help deliver a design that considers buildability, operational efficiency, and long-term sustainability for the life of the facility. Whether the project is a tall building with a large podium, or a wide precinct with open spaces, Tetra Tech provides design solutions that consider the needs of investors, developers, operators, and occupants.

We deliver high-end consulting and engineering design for the most challenging building projects around the world. View our services.

Connect with us. Reach out to our high performance buildings experts.

Our featured residential highlights

Graphic rendering of a housing development with a large open green space for recreation

Merging Community and Sustainability at Gwynfaen Farm in Swansea, Wales 

Exterior view of the unique façade of 1550 Alberni, Vancouver, BC, Canada

Optimizing Energy Efficiency: Tetra Tech’s Mechanical Services for the Alberni Street Building in Vancouver

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