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Civic and Cultural

A museum lobby with a large architectural ceiling lighting sculpture above a seating area
Photo courtesy of Dennis Radermacher, Lightforge Photography

Tetra Tech offers a wealth of project experience and expertise for clients to draw from across a wide variety of civic and cultural developments–from zoos and art galleries to heritage theaters and glasshouses.

Arts, culture, and heritage is a truly emotive, storied sector. Its spaces are teeming with life. They are the places we come together to enjoy, learn, celebrate, and make history.

We immerse ourselves in every project we take on, creating bespoke, tailored solutions that can both preserve and improve the experiences of all who visit and work in these spaces daily. Clients faced more complex challenges and unique requirements for irreplaceable or unique buildings. Tetra Tech’s experienced teams have worked on a wide variety of developments, and we are eager to share our comprehensive expertise with clients on every project.

Galleries and Museums

Gallery and museum owners understand the importance of providing comfortable and accommodating visitor experiences on their grounds. They must also take into account the costs of operation and what conditions are necessary for safety, security, and the preservation of treasured display pieces for generations to come. We pay attention to detail in mechanical services to aid in preserving precious artworks and relics from the adverse effects of humidity and temperature, all while balancing the comfort and amenity needs of people.

To provide immersive, accommodating visitor experiences, our global team helps our gallery and museum clients support the latest technology and interactive exhibits through our comprehensive audiovisual (AV) design. We offer full wireless modeling to enable mobile device experience and high bandwidth that supports mobile video and audio tours. These solutions can also provide indoor wayfinding with location technology.

Our process is aligned to the development of highly scalable infrastructure that meets the needs of large visitor numbers. We also support our clients by:

  • Helping uncover significant operational savings through energy efficiency
  • Bringing new and alternative approaches to security that still draw on the principle of layering to optimize the visitor experience, while achieving required operational outcomes
  • Using architectural lighting to achieve visual delight and fulfill technical requirements
  • Considering all aspects of daylight design, interior, exterior lighting illumination, and total site planning to provide designs that maximize the impact and safety of all project elements


Tetra Tech’s successful design solutions create the optimum environment for all court users: the public, judiciary, magistrates, defendants, jury, legal counsel, police, custody services, office support, press, and facilities managers. We fully understand the practical application of design solutions for courthouses and have a proven track record across refurbishment, remodeling, extension, and new build that meets the high demands placed on technology, security, and comfort.

  • Aesthetics
  • Energy consumption
  • Fire safety
  • Security
  • Systems integration
  • Acoustic performance

Studios, Performing Arts, and Theaters

Recording and production facilities for music, news, information, and entertainment face unique engineering challenges due to specific requirements for longevity and functionality. Our ability to plan, design, and implement extensive services for a wide range of recording and production facilities was key to our involvement on the Sydney Fox Studios entertainment precinct and the 50-acre Pinewood Studios set in Malaysia.

We understand that such facilities need to last a lifetime and require a high level of sound insulation from building services such as hydraulics and air conditioning, adjoining areas such as foyers, and external noise intrusion such as rain and traffic. Our fire engineering team normally undertakes smoke modelling and egress modelling for theater or performance areas to ensure efficient use of the available space.

Our teams have contributed to some of the world’s leading theater and studio spaces, including:

  • Broadcasting, TV, and film studios
  • Film stages
  • New and heritage performance venues
  • Lecture theaters and auditoriums
  • Small and large-scale movie theaters
  • Technical facilities, AV post-production suites, and dubbing theaters
  • Supporting facilities such as workshops, dressing rooms, production offices, cafeterias, and cinemas

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Aerial view of Melbourne Connect, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

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