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A colorful hospital ward common area

Our world-class healthcare building specialists help you increase resilience, reduce risk, and create facilities that put patients first.

The delivery of a safe, secure, and healing environment is our number-one priority. We create spaces that help make the life-changing work of healthcare professionals and the lives of their patients a little bit easier.

Our healthcare building specialists are experienced in designing solutions that respond to advances in population, demography, care models, and technology. Our experience spans every type of healthcare project: from local health and social care centers, community hospitals and mental health units, to research facilities and large-scale medical campuses. By engaging with multiple stakeholders early and leaning into our deep understanding of clinical models of care, we help our clients create the most technologically advanced, comfortable places that solve the health challenges of today and tomorrow.

A hospital treatment area with blue and white geometric designs on the floor that are echoed in the ceiling and lighting treatment

Healthcare and Medical Centers

Keeping facilities up to date while maintaining facility uptime is vital to meeting the needs of all kinds of people seeking healthcare services. We help clients by delivering technologically advanced clinical facilities, often on congested sites which require significant coordination not just between the design and construction team, but with clinical stakeholders to minimize disruption. We have worked with clients around the world to develop diverse facilities that cater for multiple users, including:

  • Patients
  • Specialists
  • Paramedical groups
  • Retailers
  • Caterers

Our experience also includes helping healthcare clients refurbish existing medical centers, usually while keeping the center operating during work so that their patients can continue receiving much-needed healthcare services without delay. Our global team can help clients through detailed staging and design to help their center operate as usual during construction.

A medical professional walking up a corridor with a colored glass wall towards an open CT scanning room


Our experience includes major redevelopments, smaller groundbreaking facilities, and fast-tracked pandemic response treatment facilities. We understand the importance of maintaining facility uptime and designing hospitals that achieve net zero carbon emissions to support a sustainable future.

Hospitals are vital sites that all kinds of people rely on to monitor and improve their health throughout their lives. It’s important to keep these spaces not only open and available, but also comfortable for the people who work and receive care there. Our global teams have helped provide world-class hospital facilities for patients and medical professionals. We bring the latest perspectives and practices in hospital services design along with a strong appreciation of the patient experience and critical role of hospitals in the health of their communities.

Aged Care

It is anticipated that the current generation nearing retirement will have high expectations for their prospective aged care services. We understand that the ideal solution for the wellbeing of older adults is to help them maintain their sense of agency, financial confidence, and relevance in society, so they can remain an integral and active part of their community. It’s also key that we promote preventative health practices and an active lifestyle to support their longevity and sense of fulfillment.

By strategically locating independent living and aged care facilities in close proximity, a variety of independent living options have emerged. These options offer retirement solutions that provide a comfortable transition and can be supplemented with external care services as needed. Innovative and flexible aged-care models ensure older adults can actively prepare for their retirement by accommodating the needs of high-dependency partners, while maintaining an active and productive working life.

Our multidisciplinary team is keen to work with aged care service providers to develop innovative and cost-effective solutions that contribute to our clients achieving key positions in a highly competitive growth market.

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