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A small lab space within an office floor. The lab space is separated by a curved glass wall

Tetra Tech’s specialized building expertise allows our engineers to establish the best solution for our clients’ needs: from research laboratories and containment suites to clean rooms and commercial pre-production facilities.

Laboratories present a unique challenge in relation to their need for operational flexibility to accommodate changing research themes and spatial requirements. Our experience in delivering some of the sector’s most complex and innovative facilities has equipped us with a unique set of skills suited to this detail-oriented work. We combine flexible solutions with the rigorous standards required for these high-functioning buildings.

The key lies in designing a facility that not only meets the initial stakeholders’ briefed requirements but also, within reason, has the capability to accommodate the changing needs of users and the growing use of automated laboratory equipment. The result is cutting-edge facilities that attract the brightest minds from across the globe to collaborate and work within them.

Our team is experienced in delivering design for labs up to BSL-4, as well as lab spaces for animal and agricultural research facilities.

Clash Detection in Crowded Services

Lab spaces are often crowded with the services needed to deliver safe and efficient lab systems. The level of design, documentation, and coordination required to support the optimal accommodation of sophisticated laboratory building systems has given greater significance to the early detection and resolution of system design clashes.

As pioneers in the adoption of 3D design and documentation of building services, all our design documents are presented in 3D. Our ability to deliver projects in this manner enables us to provide an unrivaled level of coordination from the earliest project stages—helping our clients keep their program and budget on track through clash reduction and clever design of services corridors.

Our Capabilities

Our engineering capabilities cover all core building services engineering disciplines, including mechanical, electrical, hydraulics, public health, plumbing, and fire protection. We also offer specialist expertise in:

  • Acoustics
  • Air quality
  • Architectural lighting design
  • Building information modeling (BIM)
  • Building intelligence and smart buildings
  • Commissioning management
  • Energy modeling
  • Fire engineering
  • Civil and structural engineering
  • Security
  • Sustainability consulting
  • Vertical transportation, including elevators for very tall buildings

We deliver high-end consulting and engineering design for the most challenging building projects around the world. View our services.

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