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Sports and Entertainment

Rectangular stadium at night

Tetra Tech collaborates with developers and venue operators to plan and build sports and entertainment venues that maximize usage and enrich the visitor experience.

We design with flexibility, sustainability, and technical operations in mind. Our vast experience spans multipurpose stadiums, arenas, velodromes, training facilities, racecourse stands, hospitality and jockey facilities, competitive swimming pools, community leisure centers, water parks, and ice rinks.

Our team collaborates with leading architects and organizers of sporting events worldwide to create inspiring venues that deliver better engineering and sustainability for managers, owners, and users. Our eye for detail and technical expertise, combined with our reputation for sustainable designs, results in exceptional commercial outcomes and visitor experiences.

Our experts in IT and communications, multimedia and broadcasting systems, acoustics, security, lighting, and sustainability play a pivotal role in achieving best practice operational readiness. Through meticulous research and modeling, our specialists address acoustical and vibrational challenges specific to stadium environments, prescribing solutions that optimize visitor comfort and ensure operational reliability. Our innovative fire engineering and safety solutions, including emergency modeling, are recognized as best-in-class for today’s modern stadiums.

Our work with clients, architects, and stakeholders also ensures we promote opportunities to improve operational performance and long-term efficiency through sustainable design options.

Specialists in stadium design

Tetra Tech is a leader in adapting designs to meet climatic and environmental challenges, spanning from the heat and humidity of Papua New Guinea to the ice rinks of Vancouver. Our specialists conduct detailed research and modeling of acoustical and vibrational challenges within stadium environments, providing solutions that maximize visitor comfort and ensure operational reliability.

Designing with legacy in mind

While a world-class event such as the Olympics or World Cup can fast track the development of stadiums, greater consideration is now given to maximizing the sustainable legacy of these structures, bearing in mind the huge investment and upkeep they require.

Successful world-leading stadium design means thinking beyond the obvious and certainly beyond the main prestige event: a true legacy design involves maximizing the stadium’s usage and providing enduring value.

We believe stadiums are an integral part of the broader built environment and communal space, with a capacity to contribute to the social fabric. Designs that engage, protect, and connect with users and visitors are always at the forefront of our approach.

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