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Mission Critical

Two people, a man and a woman, are logged into a terminal in a data center data hall

Tetra Tech provides our data center and mission critical clients with engineering solutions designed to enhance performance and resilience.

Data center and mission-critical infrastructure is the backbone of business, organizations, and government, often impacting daily life itself. The Tetra Tech High Performance Buildings Group is experienced in all aspects of data center and mission critical infrastructure—complex live plant upgrades, close control, data halls, financial-sector trading floor environments, critical engineering, and due diligence reviews of existing facilities. We support early strategic decisions that help our clients minimize project risks, enhance security, decrease lifecycle cost, and improve sustainability, energy use, and efficiency to achieve a solid return on investment.

As technology and best practices evolve in the mission critical space, our teams invest heavily in research and development to provide our clients with the very best advice and solutions. We collaborate closely with our clients to deliver flexible and sustainable data solutions that meet their current and future needs.

Our team provides clients with the full suite of engineering services including building automation, DC power, electrical services, emergency power, fire protection, high voltage, mechanical services, public health, hydraulics, security, building information modeling (BIM), and commissioning management.

Data Centers

Tetra Tech develops designs for both new and existing data centers and understands the associated risks. Our experience includes delivering data centers across the globe at critical power densities of more than 200 watts per square foot.

With in-house sustainability expertise, we support managed service providers, data center owners, and tenants to:

  • Increase power usage effectiveness (PUE)
  • Reduce CO2 emissions and costs
  • Develop long-term sustainability goals

New data centers

Our world-class critical infrastructure consultants help our clients build brand reputation, invest wisely, and increase operational resilience. Made up of technical specialists located around the world, our mission critical team advises on designing facilities that mitigate risk and incorporate sustainability into every dimension of a project.

  • Develop business cases and concepts to help clients make informed decisions
  • Undertake technical due diligence and feasibility studies to help clients select the right location for their next development
  • Conduct peer reviews to ensure design is verified
  • Represent tenants and clients to deliver the right solution
  • Create detailed designs and 3D realizations for all building services

Data center expansions and upgrades

In planning a data center upgrade, our experts consider the nature of the facility, operational constraints, and future requirements to anticipate challenges and design resilient solutions.

Our operational knowledge, coupled with significant on-site experience, enables our team to identify operational risks and transition management strategies. In delivering existing data center projects, we work closely with commissioning managers to provide solutions that can be successfully commissioned in the existing operational environment.

Existing operational data centers offer unique challenges compared to new build facilities. We understand the risks that working in an operational environment brings and deliver solutions for our clients that either minimize or eliminate down time during construction.

We deliver high-end consulting and engineering design for the most challenging building projects around the world. View our services.

Connect with us. Reach out to our high performance buildings experts.

Our featured mission critical highlights

A long hallway with data processors

MEP Design for Tier III Data Center with 27.2 MW of Critical Load 

Two IT professionals working on a data server

New Confidential Data Center with an Improved Power Usage Effectiveness and an Overall IT Capacity of 30MV 

Two women speaking and accessing equipment in a large data center

UKRI Rutherford Appleton Laboratory Research Computer Center, Harwell Campus, Oxfordshire, England

A data center control room filled with rows of servers

Designing a Tier III Data Center for Confidential Microelectronics Manufacturer in Santa Clara, California

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