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Environmental Management and Compliance

Tetra Tech employee standing in front of body of water in Owens Lake, California

Tetra Tech offers clear and effective solutions to complex environmental challenges by leveraging our foundation in sound science, cutting-edge technology, and industry-leading approaches.

Tetra Tech recognizes the challenges industries face in managing environmental liabilities and implementing sustainable solutions that positively impact our communities and the environment. Our in-depth understanding of the global regulatory framework, our strong technical expertise, and our understanding of business challenges enable us to develop best-value solutions that optimize business performance.

We employ a Leading with Science® approach and leverage our Tetra Tech Delta suite of technologies to provide scalable solutions to address our clients’ most pressing environmental, compliance, regulatory, and sustainability needs.

Tetra Tech partnered with EPA to deliver air quality monitoring at a burn site near Newton, Georgia

Air Quality

Tetra Tech’s air quality practice includes comprehensive expertise, enabling us to cover all permitting and compliance strategies in this field. Our customized compliance programs include computerized databases and reporting software to help our clients efficiently and effectively meet their compliance obligations.

  • Emissions inventories
  • Dispersion modeling
  • Control technology analysis
  • Ambient and emissions monitoring and reporting
  • Carbon inventories and management
  • Environmental justice assessments
  • Permitting and compliance
Tetra Tech employee conducts a wind farm survey

Acoustics, Noise, and Vibration

Tetra Tech’s profound understanding of acoustic legislation and policy enables us to provide practical, accurate, and timely advice, despite a changing regulatory environment. Our acoustics experts support our clients from the earliest planning stages of a project design through the final stages of construction and operations. Additionally, we have developed Volans, a state-of-the-art 3D animation software suite that empowers air traffic planning, data analytics, and environmental modeling capabilities and addresses aircraft noise issues.

  • Environmental compliance and permitting assessments
  • In-air acoustic monitoring and modeling
  • Underwater acoustic monitoring and modeling
  • Structural noise and vibration monitoring and design
  • Noise mitigation development and design
Tetra Tech team sampling water in Guaecá stream, located in the southeast coast of Brazil

Water Quality

Tetra Tech provides innovative, sustainable, and cost-effective water quality solutions to protect public health and the environment. Our regulatory knowledge and technical expertise help clients around the world comply with the environmental laws related to drinking water, stormwater, and industrial wastewater.

Two Tetra Tech engineers viewing vehicles parked outside facility

Solid Waste Management

Tetra Tech uses a lifecycle approach to convert our clients’ waste management problems into asset management strategies. We integrate pollution prevention, reclamation, and recycling in asset management programs, with an emphasis on cost savings.

  • Zero waste management programs
  • Waste minimization planning and evaluations
  • Municipal solid waste and construction and debris management
  • Resource Conservation and Recovery Act (RCRA) hazardous waste reporting and inspections
  • Regulatory agency coordination and negotiation
  • Planning and permitting
Woman performing audit at an industrial facility

EHS Auditing and Assessment

Tetra Tech has completed thousands of media-specific and multimedia environmental, health, and safety (EHS) compliance audits for major industrial clients and government facilities. Our global footprint allows us to assemble audit teams with specialists who are well versed in all local, in-country, and federal regulatory requirements, international standards, and best management practices.

  • Multimedia EHS compliance audits
  • International Finance Corporation (IFC) and Industry Standards (TSM) Audits
  • Management System Audits (ISO14001 and ISO45001)
  • Risk-based and media-specific assessments
  • Third-party waste disposal audits
  • Program gap analysis and audit
  • Environmental compliance training
A close up of a hard hat and papers lying on a solar panel

Environmental Management Systems

As environmental regulation becomes more complex and environmental risks attract more attention, comprehensive Environmental Management Systems (EMS) help our clients establish environmental goals through consistent review, evaluation, and improvement of environmental performance. We offer services related to project validation and verification under our ISO 14065 accreditation. View Tetra Tech’s ISO 14065 compliance and processes. Tetra Tech’s experts have significant global experience with EMS standards and regulatory compliance, helping our clients reduce the risks of non-compliance in all industrial sectors.

  • Gap analysis and benchmarking
  • EMS implementation, training, and support
  • EMS auditing (ISO19011)
  • Quality, Environmental, Health and Safety (QEHS) integrated management systems (ISO9001/ISO14001/ISO45001)
  • Environmental, social, and governance (ESG) support
A close up of a person typing on a laptop with a floating digital interface depicting digital EHS

Digital EHS

Our team of EHS and sustainability experts use our Leading with Science® approach to deliver comprehensive digital strategies. With the power of our advanced Tetra Tech Delta suite of technology solutions, our digital EHS services enable real-time monitoring, predictive analytics, and actionable insights, empowering our clients to proactively address environmental and safety challenges, reduce incidents, and optimize resource usage. 

  • Digital advisory
  • Digital systems
  • Digital management and analytics
  • Systems hosting and maintenance
A circular plant surrounded by smaller circles depicting environmental due diligence concepts

Environmental Due Diligence

With a global network of experienced practitioners, Tetra Tech is a leading provider of environmental due diligence services for businesses involved in complex transactions. Tetra Tech’s environmental due diligence is an investment that can provide a high rate of return by adding tangible value to our clients’ business transactions. Tetra Tech has decades of experience providing strategic advisory and technical consulting services for large-scale asset transfer and business transactions with a vast array of environmental due diligence services.

  • Merger and acquisitions
  • Divestments
  • Initial public offerings
  • Post-closing transition and integration
  • Screening evaluations for financial institutions
  • Entity rationalization and planning
  • Environmental, social, and governance (ESG) reviews
  • Phase I/II Environmental Site Assessments
Mid-distance view of diverse cargo handlers and supervisors at an inland port

Product Compliance

Tetra Tech is dedicated to helping clients keep their products in the global marketplace. We have the experts to help companies maintain accurate and accessible product data to meet changing regulations and customer requirements. Our experienced and qualified professionals assist companies with REACH, SCIP, IMDS, CAMDS, Conflict Minerals, and RoHS compliance and reporting. 

Tetra Tech staff with back turned to the camera looking at the site of wildfire

Bushfire and Wildfire Assessments and Management Plans

Tetra Tech is experienced in bushfire and wildfire regulation compliance and advising clients on preparing for and managing the increased bushfire risks. Additionally, we are a leader in wildfire response and recovery. We partner with developers, home builders, contractors, government agencies and larger corporations to provide strategic planning, assessments, and mapping.  

  • Bushfire and wildfire attack level assessments
  • Bushfire and wildfire management plans
  • Bushfire and wildfire risk assessment, hazard reduction, and mapping
  • Bushfire and wildfire mitigation planning and implementation
  • Debris and hazardous tree removal and monitoring
  • Expert site assessment and solutions
  • Training and education

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