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Contaminated Site Assessments

A person measuring PH levels of contaminated water with chemicals

Tetra Tech delivers science-based, technology-driven solutions to support our clients in assessing contaminated sites and mitigating regulatory, environmental, and financial risks.

Through our sustainable practices, we aim to make a meaningful difference in the communities we serve, leaving a legacy of environmental stewardship and improved quality of life. Our interdisciplinary teams apply their expertise in due diligence and risk evaluation, developing comprehensive and innovative conceptual site models. We incorporate cutting-edge site investigation approaches and streamline site assessments to help our clients evaluate cost-effective remedial and risk management options. Our teams work across the globe to create customized solutions to address our clients’ contaminated site and brownfield redevelopment challenges.

A close up of hands writing notes on a clipboard at a construction site

Phase I/II Environmental Site Assessments

Tetra Tech has been assisting clients with their environmental due diligence needs for decades. Our assessments are aligned around our clients’ business objectives—providing an appropriate level of scrutiny and timely assessment of compliance, remediation, and environmental and financial risks. This empowers our clients to make informed financial decisions on items related to transaction timing, purchase/sell price, or escrow/deductible limits.

A woman wearing a safety vest and hard hat holding a clipboard stands on a hill looking out at the terrain

Contaminated Site Preliminary Assessments

Tetra Tech helps our clients prepare preliminary assessments to meet regulatory requirements, whether they are federal, state, provincial, county, or local. Our expertise in assessing contaminated sites results in documents that can be effectively used to make decisions regarding the further disposition or evaluation of a site.

  • Desktop environmental constraints and critical issue assessments
  • Development of rational decision points
  • Regulatory and risk advisory services
Two people wearing safety vests, hard hats, and masks, walk between parked cars

Contaminated Site Investigations

Our approach to site investigations begins with a comprehensive conceptual site model that supports a cost-effective approach while fully addressing data needs and focusing on our clients’ objectives, which may involve site redevelopment or regulatory closure. Tetra Tech uses innovative technologies, such as remote sensing, geophysical techniques, down-hole testing, and mobile laboratory field testing to drive science-based investigations. We tailor our investigations to meet our client’s goals while satisfying regulatory requirements. Tetra Tech applies data analysis, modeling, and visualization of the investigation results to help clients make informed decisions.

  • Complex investigations
  • Rapid assessment techniques
  • Multimedia site investigation technologies
  • High resolution site characterization
  • Environmental modeling
  • Data analysis and clear visualization
A turtle pictured standing on rocks with a person squatting nearby

Contaminated Site Risk Assessments

Tetra Tech’s risk assessors support our clients evaluating current and future risk, with a focus on mitigation. Our risk assessors are experienced in addressing the full range of contaminants, including munitions and PFAS, to provide actionable recommendations that enable clients to make informed decisions for effective and sustainable risk management.

A Tetra Tech employee wearing safety equipment posing with equipment at a project site

Contaminated Site Feasibility Studies

Tetra Tech’s scientists and engineers are experienced in the evaluation and screening of alternatives for remediation of contaminated sites. Through these specialized services, we provide our clients with a comprehensive analysis of cost-effective and environmentally sound remediation options, empowering them to make informed decisions and achieve their sustainability goals.

  • Technology screening, alternatives development, and evaluation
  • Data gap assessment and investigation
  • Pre-design investigations
  • Bench-scale testing and evaluation
  • Field and pilot-scale testing and evaluation
  • Remedy selection and implementation

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