For more than 40 years, and in more than 130 countries, Tetra Tech has empowered communities and partners to develop sustainable environmental and natural resource management solutions. 

The global community faces growing threats to natural resources and critical ecosystems, ranging from population growth to climate change to urban sprawl to weak governance. To address these complex challenges, Tetra Tech works collaboratively with stakeholders from the private and public sectors and civil society to improve natural resource management, conserve biodiversity, and strengthen climate-resilient development. 

We support communities to manage and ensure sustainable use of their natural resources while conserving biodiversity for future generations. Tetra Tech works with host country governments, civil society, and the private sector to improve their capacity in all areas of natural resource conservation and climate resilience. Our integrated approach, which has been successfully applied across diverse contexts and geographies, strengthens our partners’ abilities to inventory, manage, monitor, and sustainably use natural resources for improved development outcomes.

Biodiversity Conservation

Tetra Tech offers proven models for biodiversity conservation and sustainable livelihoods that are grounded in science, best practices, and stakeholder needs. We address underlying drivers of biodiversity loss by tackling critical policy and governance factors at the local, national, and regional levels that strengthen the enabling environment for biodiversity conservation. We achieve measurable biodiversity outcomes by working with local partners to reduce threats and improve local livelihoods. 

Climate Change Adaptation and Resilience

Tetra Tech supports people, communities, governments, and the private sector in more than 130 developing and emerging economies worldwide to become more climate resilient. We use integrated climate risk analysis to support evidence-based decision making on adaptation solutions in key sectors, including agricultural production, governance, water resources, and infrastructure development. We work with our partners to conduct climate vulnerability assessments, develop scientific models to understand different climate scenarios, determine adaptation pathways, and support implementation and financing of actions that strengthen climate resilience at all levels. 

Sustainable Landscapes and Forest Management

Tetra Tech has industry-leading approaches and solutions that mitigate the main sources of land-based greenhouse gas emissions, including deforestation, unsustainable land management, and land degradation. We work closely with governments, the private sector, and communities to develop improved management practices, stronger institutions, and incentives to better protect, manage, and restore critical forest and land resources. Our work also covers the full spectrum of REDD+ and climate finance delivery, including social and environmental safeguards; sustainable carbon financing and payment for environmental services; multi-sectoral and low emission strategy development; and carbon monitoring, reporting, and verification. 

Community-based Natural Resources Management

Tetra Tech offers unparalleled experience engaging people, communities, and grassroots organizations in the long-term sustainable management of their resources. Our socially inclusive and participatory approaches to natural resources management build capacity and ownership within communities to become innovators in the conservation and sustainable use of natural resources, while balancing conservation goals with economic growth and diversified use priorities.

Marine and Coastal Management

Tetra Tech is applying cutting-edge approaches to improve the health of the world’s oceans and fisheries. As vulnerable coastal populations compete with international fisheries fleets for increasingly scarce marine resources, Tetra Tech is providing policy and capacity support in conjunction with technology that empowers local communities to monitor and enforce coastal activities. Tetra Tech’s scientists and governance experts ensure that rigorous ecological assessments are linked to a deep socio-economic understanding of governance contexts to develop and implement management plans. Tetra Tech is at the forefront of developing and implementing strategies to combat ocean plastic pollution. Our team of scientists, planners and engineers assist the private sector, governments, and communities to prevent and reduce the impacts of marine debris on the marine and coastal environment and broader economy. 

Combatting Wildlife and Natural Resource Crime

Wildlife and natural resource crime, including illegal trade and trafficking of wildlife, timber and other forest products, illegally caught seafood, and conflict minerals, is a major threat to conservation and development goals. Tetra Tech works with partners throughout Africa and Asia to employ demand reduction, coordination, law enforcement, and governance solutions to address illegal wildlife and natural resource crime, linking these activities to sustainable management of biodiversity in the wild. Tetra Tech applies innovative technology and analytics to strengthen real-time data collection and monitoring to support enforcement and decision-making, including supply chain traceability and certification systems. Finally, Tetra Tech is at the forefront of addressing linkages between illegal wildlife trade and the emergence and spillover of zoonotic diseases through One Health approaches that prevent, detect and respond to emerging pandemic threats. 

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