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Arctic Transportation

Inuvik Tuktoyaktuk Highway, Northwest Territories
Tetra Tech delivers northern transportation projects in challenging cold-region environments that include winter and ice roads, northern roads and highways, and northern airports.

Our 50 years of experience Leading with Science® in the Arctic and northern regions, combined with our internationally recognized permafrost expertise, allows us to quickly respond to clients’ needs with local knowledge. Tetra Tech provides adaptive engineering and scientific services, including full lifecycle services for northern transportation supported by our northern offices in Yellowknife, Northwest Territories (opened 1986) and Whitehorse, Yukon Territory (opened 1981). Our longstanding Indigenous business partnerships and understanding of modern treaties enable us to serve a variety of communities.

Development of infrastructure in the Arctic and northern regions demands specialized experience and technical competence. Tetra Tech has a well-earned reputation in Arctic geotechnical engineering, waste management at the community level, assessment of climate change vulnerabilities, and related services. Since 1968 we have met the region’s most challenging technical demands for engineering, design, and construction management of critical northern infrastructure projects.

Inuvik Tuktoyaktuk Highway, Northwest Territories

Northern Roads and Highways

Transportation is all about connecting our world: quickly, safely, sustainably, and affordably. For more than five decades, Tetra Tech in Canada has led the way in planning and designing innovative, environmentally friendly solutions. Highways, resource roads, community infrastructure, bridges, airports, marine infrastructure and asset management—whatever the field or assignment, we provide solutions to keep people and products moving safely and efficiently.

Iqaluit’s new International Airport Terminal

Northern Airports

Tetra Tech understands the challenges of working in a cold-climate environment, and our services address potential complications throughout a project, including initial planning, safety, concept, preliminary design, approvals, design, construction, post construction, and operations. Tetra Tech has taken our Leading with Science® approach to both public and private airports in all facets of design and operations.

Truck driving off a portage onto a lake

Winter and Ice Roads

Our 50 years of experience Leading with Science in the Arctic and northern regions has made Tetra Tech a global leader in providing ice-related services in cold regions. We engineer, design, and monitor ice structures, including winter roads, to allow our clients to carry out safe on-ice operations while considering the environmental conditions and constraints.

  • Route planning and design for ice roads and bridges
  • Design for stationary loads and drill pads on ice
  • Ice profiling and quality assurance and quality control for ice roads and pads
  • Risk assessment and operating procedures for working on ice
  • Execution and remedial actions plans for operating and maintaining ice roads, including optimization
  • Remediation monitoring
  • Training and advanced training for working on ice
  • Investigation and disaster recovery events related to working on ice

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Our featured arctic transportation highlights

Aerial view of Inuvik Tuktoyaktuk Highway, a 140-kilometer, two-lane gravel road over complex ice-rich permafrost terrain

Building the All-Season Inuvik Tuktoyaktuk Highway to Canada’s Arctic Coast

Inuvik Tuktoyaktuk Highway, Northwest Territories

Challenges of Transportation Development in the Northern and Arctic Regions

Headshot of Robert Zschuppe

Robert Zschuppe Discusses Supporting Resilient Winter Roads

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