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About Transportation

Roundabout design and construction in southeast Michigan providing more efficient traffic operations for drivers
Whether by air, land, or sea, Tetra Tech provides resilient solutions to meet the world’s transportation needs.

Tetra Tech is Leading with Science® to provide our clients with data-driven transportation solutions that address the complex issues associated with delivering safe, reliable, and resilient transportation infrastructure. Tetra Tech’s transportation team’s reach is truly global, connecting people, goods, and services across our world’s complex transportation networks—from design of the high-profile Melbourne Tunnel in Australia to the construction of the remote Iqaluit Airport in the Canadian arctic.

Our transportation services span the entire project life cycle, from planning to design and construction, and long-term asset management. As a global leader in transportation for more than 35 years, we regularly employ cutting-edge technologies like unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), artificial intelligence, advanced data analytics, and digital twins to create innovative solutions to optimize project performance.

Tetra Tech’s transportation planners, designers, engineers, and project managers provide the expertise needed to navigate our dynamic and changing world.  Our technical specialists provide our clients with resilient solutions that consider regulatory and economic drivers as well as environmental impacts to surrounding communities.

By leveraging our Tetra Tech Delta technologies, we implement innovative ways to view and monitor transportation infrastructure, including the use of 3D models for stakeholder visualizations, artificial intelligence to complete asset condition assessments, or satellite imagery for real-time monitoring of remote roadways.

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