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Ports and Airports

An overhead view of an airplane flying above cargo containers at a port
Tetra Tech’s world-class engineers, scientists, and technologists leverage industry-leading technical expertise, in-depth local knowledge, and sustainable approaches to solve our ports and airports clients’ most challenging problems.

Tetra Tech’s multi-disciplinary teams use our Leading with Science® approach to assess our clients’ needs and provide clear solutions. We also support our clients with project management and contract administration services to deliver quality final products.

Tetra Tech’s ports and airports service offers a broad range of consulting and project management services, including, but not limited to, planning, funding applications, engineering design, contract administration, site inspection, safety management system (SMS), emergency response planning, infrastructure condition assessment, and management.

Our experience working at more than 100 airports worldwide gives us the knowledge to solve any challenges.

A wide-angle aerial view of the Port of Miami and Biscayne Bay, with the Miami skyline in the background

Ports Engineering

As today’s ports, harbors, and waterways prepare for tomorrow’s megaships, the improvements and expansion of port infrastructure require informed strategies and careful planning for successful implementation. Tetra Tech provides clear solutions to help our clients navigate this complex world of increasingly stringent land, security, regulatory, and environmental requirements.

Tetra Tech has provided air quality services to the Port of Los Angeles (POLA) and Port of Long Beach (POLB) since 1991, including helping the two ports reduce nearly 2.3 million metric tons of CO2e through the Clean Trucks Program.

  • Inspection, including condition assessment, rope access, and underwater investigation
  • Environmental ecology services and noise and air quality compliance
  • Engineering, including mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, civil engineering, structural engineering, and geotechnical engineering
  • Water engineering, including hydraulic study, flood risk, waves analysis, sediment transport, and coastal erosion
  • Seismic assessment and retrofit design
  • Project management and project cost management
  • Health and safety
An overhead view of an airplane on a tarmac

Airports Infrastructure Assessment

With extensive experience and innovative technologies, Tetra Tech carries out civil and electrical infrastructure assessments. This helps our clients understand the current condition, identify future requirements, and plan accordingly from financial and operational perspectives. This service is critical to assisting our clients in maintaining the functionality and safety of the infrastructure.

  • Infrastructure condition assessment
  • Standards compliance assessment for airfield lighting and geometry
  • Pavement management system
  • Capital planning
Runway 15-33 Rehabilitation at Saskatoon International Airport

Airports Engineering Design

Tetra Tech offers a broad range of services to the airport industry, including the following: planning; design; and environmental, regulatory, and construction management of airport facilities and related infrastructure. Our multidisciplinary teams of planners, engineers, aviation specialists, pilots, airport managers, and environmental scientists can provide a unique perspective to clients.

  • Planning and funding applications
  • Geometric and pavement design
  • Grading and drainage design
  • Electrical feeding, distribution, and airfield lighting design
  • Plan of construction operations, land use planning
  • 3D modeling of ground and airspace
  • Apron planning and gate matrix
  • Navigational aids and approach system
  • Fueling system design and monitoring
  • Northern airports and airstrips planning and design
  • Terminal and hanger redevelopments
  • Aircraft power, catering refrigeration, baggage services
Quality Assurance services for the cargo apron IX at Calgary International Airport

Airport Construction Services

Tetra Tech offers a comprehensive range of airfield construction and quality managing services. Services include:

Fire trucks and firefighters on the tarmac with a small aircraft under a vast blue sky with fluffy clouds

Airports Safety

Tetra Tech designs, develops, implements, certifies, and audits safety solutions. Our expertise covers all facets of SMS. Since 2013 our experts have completed more than 260 comprehensive compliance and SMS audits at more than 95 airports across Canada. We assist the aviation industry in meeting new regulatory requirements to implement SMS for their operations, helping organizations to identify risks and address core safety needs.

  • SMS program development, including International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO)- and Federal Aviation Administration (FAA)-compliant SMS programs
  • Safety risk management and safety reporting systems
  • SMS quality assurance audits and corrective action plans
  • SMS employee training support
  • Human factors
  • Airline safety data management and analysis
  • Emergency response plan

Defense Services

Tetra Tech has been Leading with Science on worldwide defense programs for more than 50 years. Our innovative consulting and engineering experts provide solutions and design infrastructure, as well as protect and restore the environment over several continents.

Aerospace Services

Tetra Tech is an international industry leader in satellite-based navigation, satellite systems engineering, performance-based flight procedures, airspace design, acoustics, and noise management. Tetra Tech is playing a vital role in developing the FAA’s Next Generation Air Transportation System. Our teams of scientists and engineers use our Leading with Science approach to develop environmentally friendly aviation and airspace policies and solutions domestically and internationally.

Aviation Security

Our transport consultants are well resourced to provide all physical and electronic security consulting services including audits, compliance checks, new design, and commissioning services for all systems such as CCTV, intruder detection, access control, physical security, public address, and emergency help points including duress. Our qualified security risk analysts provide advice on these critical security requirements:

  • Personnel security
  • Physical security
  • Information security
  • Administrative security
  • Security education and awareness

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