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Asset Management

LiDAR Point Cloud with Road Corridor Assets Extraction (paint lines, pavement width, signs)
Tetra Tech’s data-driven solutions help clients develop inventories, make investment decisions, secure capital funding, and address infrastructure risks across the life cycle of a range of transport assets.

At Tetra Tech we use our Leading with Science® approach, combined with our local knowledge and experience and our Tetra Tech Delta suite of technologies, to develop solutions to optimize the way our clients manage their transportation assets. Our services cover the full asset life cycle, including asset condition assessments and monitoring, performance modeling and forecasting, asset management planning, and asset improvement program implementations. We customize solutions by incorporating the latest technologies to help our clients make informed decisions to economically and responsibly sustain their transportation infrastructure assets.

Alaska Highway, British Columbia, Canada. Project: Adapting Infrastructure in the Face of Extreme Weather

Climate Resiliency and Adaptation

Our approach to resilient asset planning is to determine the additional resiliency that can be economically justified to reduce vulnerability using a risk-based analysis process by monetizing the risk of a potential climate event. We establish the magnitude and likelihood of extreme climate events, such as flooding and wildfires, by locally applying global climate prediction models. The climate risk is combined with other risks to calculate an appropriate level of adaptation. Assets include:

Using an advanced AI model to identify different assets from a roadway corridor

Transportation Corridor Condition Assessments

We recognize that accurate asset condition assessments form the foundation for successful asset management planning. Tetra Tech has invested in industry-leading non-destructive transportation corridor data collection technologies. Our team of diverse specialists provide innovative, off-the-shelf custom-designed solutions to meet client-defined objectives. We collect and provide accurately referenced, high-quality data to understand the health of our clients’ transportation networks.

  • Pavement surface profiler – vehicle integrated 3D surface condition and profiling, digital imagery and 360° LiDAR
  • Falling weight deflectometer – roadway structural capacity
  • Road radar – vehicle-based ground penetrating radar
  • LiDAR – 3D point cloud model of corridor for asset extraction
  • AI – machine learning asset extraction and classification
A pink hued nighttime street scene with blurred motion and lights

Highway Structures Health Monitoring

Tetra Tech provides technical solutions to technical and non-technical owners of highway structures by managing the acquisition of data and then tailoring a bespoke solution to the structure and the client’s needs. By utilizing the experience of our bridge engineers, both as designers and maintainers, Tetra Tech is able to develop cost and program efficient solutions. We understand current industry good practice and draw on an international panel of expertise within the global Tetra Tech business.

  • Capable of assessing a wide range bridge structure types
  • Specialist supply chain of inspectors and supporting laboratories
  • Multi-component bridge inspections
  • Maintenance plans and load assessments (remaining strength)
Analysis segmentation of a multi-lane highway to develop customized, data-driven solutions

Transportation Asset Management

Tetra Tech provides innovative, data-driven solutions for the management of nearly all transportation asset types. Our approach considers the full asset lifecycle through the development of asset inventory databases. This approach helps our clients make informed investment decisions through proactive optimization and management of their assets, assisting with securing capital funding and addressing infrastructure risks.

  • Paved roadways, parking lots, sidewalks, and trails
  • Geotechnical structures and culverts within transportation corridors
  • Gravel roadways
  • Rail, airports, bridges, and ports
  • Public-private partnership (P3) projects
Train cars and tracks stretching to the horizon

RailAI® Railroad Track Assessments Services

Tetra Tech has developed innovative, state-of-the-art 3D data collection technology for rail infrastructure that provides highly accurate automated condition assessment at full track speeds. Our expert team of engineers and scientists utilizes machine vision along with custom AI algorithms to create innovative track inspection solutions. Our autonomous RailAI test car produces real-time reporting of customizable track conditions while operating in normal revenue service.

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