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Road and Traffic Engineering

Aerial photo of roadway and interchange
For more than 35 years, transportation agencies have trusted Tetra Tech to help them connect communities, drive economic growth, and enhance mobility and quality of life for the traveling public.

We understand our clients’ challenges of developing and maintaining critical global, state and provincial, county, and municipal infrastructure. Our interdisciplinary teams of engineers, designers, planners, and construction managers are ready to assist our clients who are faced with delivering projects to readily respond to funding infusions, maximizing grant opportunities, and designing solutions that are both functional and meet fiscal constraints.

Our Leading with Science® approach provides long-term and forward-thinking transportation solutions that are customized to meet the needs of the traveling public. We integrate technology through our Tetra Tech Delta suite of solutions to combine engineering expertise with state-of-the-art technology resulting in cutting-edge results.

Tetra Tech’s digital solutions enable owners to organize, understand, and visualize large data sets so projects can be logically prioritized. We incorporate machine learning, drone technology, mobile and bathymetric LiDAR, visualizations, and virtual reality into project deliverables. Tetra Tech has prepared innovative deliverables including 3D contractual line strings for an urban freeway reconstruction project in Michigan—a first for the state.

Rendering of street planning with underground utilities

Functional Planning and Design Studies

Tetra Tech provides our clients with early preliminary engineering and studies that build the foundation for future transportation infrastructure projects. We partner with transportation departments, municipalities and industry leaders to develop solutions commensurate with future plans.

  • Asset management and GIS
  • Project development studies
  • Environmental process documentation
  • Noise assessments and acoustic engineering
  • Local, state, federal, territorial, and provincial permitting
  • Drone photography and data capture
  • Traffic and operational analysis
  • Road safety audits
  • Communication planning, including intelligent transportation systems and camera monitoring
3D rendering of utilities for a construction project

Detailed Design and Tender Assistance

Tetra Tech is equipped to bring a project vision to reality. We use cutting-edge technology including 3D design and building information modeling (BIM) technology to not only enable stakeholders to see detailed visualizations in advance of construction but also provide owners record construction documentation of items such as shop drawings, operations and maintenance manuals, and inspection records. Tetra Tech is a recognized leader in 3D design, as one state Department of Transportation trusts Tetra Tech to review 3D deliverables from other consultants as well as their own internal staff.

  • Complex road and bridge design
  • Staging, signing, marking, lighting and signal plans
  • 3D modeling
  • Transportation hydraulics and stormwater quality
  • Subsurface investigation
  • Topographic and bathymetric surveys
  • Grant assistance
Aerial view of vehicles traveling around a roundabout surrounded by fields and partially melted snow

Contract and Construction Management

Once a design is completed and a contract is in place, our engineers and managers use their years of construction experience to provide oversight during the implementation phase.

  • Construction engineering
  • Site inspection
  • Federal aid documentation
  • Construction staking
  • Material testing
  • Dispute resolution

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Headshot of Steven Reschke

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