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Water Security, Sanitation, and Hygiene

Hand cupped beneath faucet with clean water flowing

Tetra Tech leverages our engineering and institutional strengthening expertise to expand access to sustainable drinking water and sanitation services in urban and rural contexts and address water security challenges around the world.

With more than 40 years of experience, our global team of water security experts brings a deep bench of technical expertise to design sustainable solutions for water and sanitation challenges around the world. Using our Leading with Science® approach, we support our clients to design and expand water, sanitation, and hygiene (WASH) market-based solutions; mobilize WASH finance; and strengthen water resource governance. Tetra Tech also addresses wider water security challenges in emerging economies including climate resiliency, adaptation, and women’s empowerment. Our solutions are driven by local context, needs, and perspectives and tailored to the local systems to support sustainability.

Tetra Tech supports water supply operators in rural areas like Itoculo, Mozambique

Water Supply Systems

Tetra Tech works with our clients and their stakeholders to expand access to sustainable water services by designing and implementing new water supply schemes, improving public and private sector water governance, facilitating utility reform, and mobilizing finance to improve water delivery.

  • Rural and urban design and engineering
  • Utility performance management and non-revenue water reduction
  • Governance and regulatory regime
  • Investment readiness and transaction support
  • Information management systems
A woman washes her hands after using her household’s latrine in the Kitgum district of Uganda where a Tetra Tech-led water and sanitation project has increased access to latrines and handwashing stations

Sanitation and Hygiene

Tetra Tech supports our clients to expand access to wastewater and sanitation service delivery, bolster the market for sanitation services and promote hygiene products and services, and accelerate the uptake of key sanitation and hygiene behaviors among households and institutions.

  • City-wide sanitation planning
  • Sanitation marketing and enterprise strengthening
  • Decentralized wastewater services
  • Household and community behavior change
  • Menstrual hygiene management at schools, workplaces, and communities
Two water flow engineers guide a measurement device down a narrow river in Jordan

Water Resources Management and Security

Our team collaborates with public and private sector water resource managers and users from local- to national-scale projects to strengthen water resource stewardship and security and development of the next generation of water specialists through internship and training programs.

  • Hydraulic and land-use modeling
  • Water quality monitoring and remediation
  • Water basin governance, planning, and allocation
  • Watershed protection and rehabilitation
  • Climate forecasting and mitigation measures
  • Flood control and stormwater management
  • Desalination and water conservation

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Our featured water security, sanitation, and hygiene highlights

Engendering Industries participants from GRIDCo visit an electricity substation in Tema, near Accra, Ghana

Increasing Gender Equality in Male-dominated Industries Worldwide

Tetra Tech supports employees from sanitation service delivery companies that are building prefabricated latrines

Strengthening Municipal Water and Sanitation Service Delivery in West Africa

Residents of Mai’ls Koutiala’s village, where Tetra Tech performs baseline water assessments to identify infrastructure

Improving Water and Sanitation Access in Mali

Municipal water department employees installing a new valve in Cape Town, South Africa

Mobilizing Finance to Increase Climate-Resilient Water and Sanitation Services

Water Intake in Masimbwe village constructed by community to serve Itundu village in Rukwa region

Expanding and Sustaining Water and Sanitation Services in Tanzania

Two people filling jerrycans with water at a watering station with a smiling station attendant inside a booth

Advancing Urban Water Supply, Sanitation, and Hygiene Resilience Worldwide

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