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Priscilla Barragan, Project Manager of the Month, on Reducing Emissions Through Sustainable Transportation Projects 

Headshot of Priscilla Barragan
Tetra Tech CEO Dan Batrack created our Project Manager (PM) of the Month award to honor PMs who demonstrate excellence in supporting our clients and perform projects to the highest standards of quality and fiscal discipline.

Priscilla’s mentorship and development of staff make her an outstanding leader and play an important part in her team’s successes.

David Bohmann, Unit President

Priscilla Barragan is Tetra Tech’s June 2023 PM of the Month. Priscilla has been supporting air quality and clean transportation projects for the last 15 years. Her experience in environmental science and management includes mobile emission sources and emission reduction technologies, such as engine retrofit processes, repower options, alternative fuel technologies, innovative engine technologies, and electric charging and hydrogen fueling infrastructure.

Priscilla is currently managing several projects that are helping California reach the goal of reducing emissions and improving air quality, including the California Air Resources Board’s (CARB) Hybrid and Zero-Emission Truck and Bus Voucher Incentive Project (HVIP).

“Since joining Tetra Tech in 2008, Priscilla has played a pivotal role in growing and managing several programs to reduce vehicle emissions and improve air quality,” said David Bohmann, Unit President. “Priscilla’s mentorship and development of staff make her an outstanding leader and play an important part in her team’s successes.”

Priscilla earned a Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering from the University of California, Davis.

“I just wanted to say thank you for recognizing me and the projects I work on. None of this success would have been possible without my team, who are working every day to improve our processes and systems to deliver the best services to our clients,” Priscilla said.

We talked with Priscilla about her work managing successful air quality and clean transportation projects in California.

What impact do your projects have on the environment and communities you work in?

The projects I work on aim to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and improve public health and the environment. I have worked with clients such as CARB and the California Energy Commission (CEC) to help implement local and state initiatives. I assist with program development, management, and execution of projects that help reduce greenhouse gases and support a cleaner environment. Projects such as HVIP are critical in the advancement and application of zero-emission technologies. Through replacing high-emission vehicles, our team works to promote sustainable transportation and provide the technologies needed to meet California’s climate goals.


What is your approach to managing a successful project team?

Strong leadership and mentorship are critical to managing successful project teams. At Tetra Tech I’ve had great mentors over the years who have shared their knowledge with me and have trusted me by placing me in a position to lead these projects. As a project manager, I have been able to assemble and work with great teams that have made these projects very successful. When I lead teams, I look to develop and teach our younger staff through every step of the project. I make sure they have a high-level understanding of the project so they know how our work can best achieve our clients’ goals. My team and I hold ourselves to a high standard and are accountable for delivering quality work. We make sure to have clear communication so that we are efficient in our collaboration and are unified as a team.

How do you maintain client satisfaction across a variety of complex projects?

I have had the pleasure of forming long-lasting partnerships with our clients over the years. This is thanks to our relationship being built on trust. Our clients trust us with their projects and that we will deliver according to their schedule and costs. It is my responsibility as the project manager to effectively communicate with our clients the best plan to achieve their goals. Communication throughout the process is important in maintaining client satisfaction. My team and I are proactive in pointing out potential challenges during the development phases and are quick to think of solutions when unexpected roadblocks occur. Our clients can trust that we will provide high-quality deliverables and keep them informed about the project from planning to completion.

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