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Reducing Heavy-Duty Truck Emissions in Los Angeles and Long Beach, California

Low emission, heavy-duty trucks lined up as part of the Tetra Tech-supported Clean Truck Program
Tetra Tech supports clients in designing, developing, and implementing the Clean Trucks Program (CTP), which requires replacement of tens of thousands of heavy-duty trucks with clean, energy-efficient models.
The CTP retires old polluting diesel trucks and replaces them with clean, near-zero, and zero emission trucks to help reduce heavy-duty truck emissions. The program supports sustainable goods movement and achieves greenhouse gas (GHG) emission reductions.


  • Helped reduce nearly 2.3 million metric tons of CO2e
  • By banning older trucks, able to achieve 2007 or newer U.S. EPA-compliant fleet by 2012
  • Reduced air emissions by 96 percent for DPM/PM2.5/PM10, 76 percent for NOx, and 90 percent for SOx between the 2005 baseline year and 2017
  • Analyzed 700,000 data points per month to understand truck fleet composition and age

Tetra Tech has implemented and managed the CTP under the San Pedro Bay Ports Clean Air Action Plan since 2008. We assisted the Ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach with grant and concession administration, public outreach, grant support, drayage truck replacement with newer and/or alternative fuel vehicles, and truck moves and capacity analysis. Tetra Tech also provided logistic support in administering the Day Pass system and non-container terminals access sticker distribution, and technical support in the Ports Drayage Truck Registry (PDTR) development for terminal access and annual truck fee management.

Tetra Tech’s additional CTP administration responsibilities include:

  • San Pedro Bay Ports’ CTP weekly scorecard
  • In-depth data analysis, including understanding of goods movement and monthly gate move data
  • Ad hoc and public records data requests
  • Concession and registration agreement processing
  • Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration verification
  • PDTR-California Department of Motor Vehicles mismatch trucks verification
  • Support to Terminal access center, Day Pass merchant account hosting, and overall customer support
  • CTP database hosting, maintenance, and support
Tetra Tech has been an integral part of the Ports’ Clean Truck Program since its inception. We appreciate everything Tetra Tech does to ensure that we continue to be successful moving forward. Congratulations on a well-deserved award!
Tim DeMoss, Environmental Affairs Officer, Port of Los Angeles

Climate Change Business Journal recognized Tetra Tech with a 2021 Project Merit Award in the GHG Emissions category for our work advancing clean transportation and reducing carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide, hydrocarbon, particular matter, and nitrogen oxide emissions.

Carlo Luzzi, Acting Director of Tenant Services and Operations, Port of Long Beach said, “Congratulations on the award and all the work you do. Tetra Tech’s efforts are appreciated, and your organization deserves to be recognized.”

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