Climate Services

Tetra Tech delivers science-based, technology-driven solutions to support our clients in addressing the complex challenges of climate change.

Our interdisciplinary teams of scientists, engineers, planners, policy analysts, and international development experts use our Leading with Science® approach, which employs our Tetra Tech Delta suite of proprietary technologies and analytical tools, to assess climate risk, develop strategies to mitigate greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions, and help communities adapt to and build resilience from the impacts of climate change.

Whether designing climate action plans for local communities or providing comprehensive programmatic support to national governments, our teams work across the globe to create customized, sustainable, and scalable solutions to address today’s climate challenges.

Map of an environmental dataset. Tetra Tech uses predictive analytics to simulate and forecast climate change impacts

Climate Science

Tetra Tech is at the leading edge of climate change analysis, providing our clients with the data they need to make informed decisions. We use predictive analytics to simulate and forecast how climate change will impact the behavior of physical, biological, and chemical components of natural and manmade systems.

Renewable energy wind farm. Tetra Tech specializes in delivering clean energy consulting and electric utility advisory services

Greenhouse Gas Mitigation

Tetra Tech supports our clients in reducing GHG emissions through developing low-carbon and zero-carbon strategies, optimizing existing and new structures, and developing renewable and alternative energy technologies.

Ariel shot of Miami Beach, Florida. Tetra Tech designs adaptation solutions to promote climate resilience

Climate Resiliency and Adaptation

Our hazard mitigation and resilience planners support enhanced mitigation planning, incorporating the effects of sea level rise and climate change into strategies that increase community resiliency. Our engineers and scientists design adaptation solutions to restore critical habitat, reduce flood risk, and support long-term resiliency in all environments.