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Now’s the Time to Reimagine the Built Environment

Three rows of solid color blocks stacked in a pyramid shape and a building at the top with an icon in each box representing sustainability

What if we reimagined the built environment? Could it be a core solution to the climate challenges humanity faces? Yes, it can. It’s why extraordinary times call for exceptional thinking.

The global impact of climate change is already driving humanity to act, whether it’s zero-carbon buildings, fully electrified infrastructure powered by renewables, or fossil fuel-free construction sites. Actions that are taken now can positively impact the built environment and the health of our planet for decades to come.

We spoke to top industry experts from around the globe to gather inspiration and explore illuminating answers on how to accelerate the shift towards net-zero emissions and a climate-resilient built environment. We interviewed real estate providers, engineers, financiers, sustainability and environmental, social, and governance (ESG) experts, as well as those in public service provision.

We have published these findings in a series of LinkedIn articles, which expand on our initial consultation with the industry and explore what reimagining the built environment can look like. We asked the questions: How can we reimagine the market we operate in? How can we spread new ideas and thinking more quickly? How can we capitalize on people’s connections with nature? And finally, how can we extend a more sophisticated definition of value?

We are now building on the energy generated at COP28 in Dubai by continuing conversations, listening to experts, and sharing what we’ve learned. Reimagining the built environment involves partnerships. Not one organization, country, industry, or sector can deliver the scale of change that’s emerging worldwide. We invite everyone to participate, including competitors and partners, suppliers and clients, developers, and financiers.

We are reimagining the built environment for a more sustainable tomorrow. Be part of the change.

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