International Development in Australia and New Zealand

Tetra Tech’s Australia-based international development team is a trusted and effective international development partner to governments and the private sector in Asia Pacific.

For more than 40 years, Tetra Tech has devised solutions to development challenges across Asia Pacific. Across the region, we partner with donor governments and local partners to provide tailored solutions for some of the world’s most complex problems. We create strong working partnerships both in-country and with our clients to ensure we deliver effective, sustainable outcomes that ultimately reduce poverty and improve lives.

Our team of development specialists and technical experts help communities and governments across sectors and in cross-cutting areas including:


Project Management

Our clients from both the public and private sector trust us to deliver quality results, on time and on budget. We have successfully mobilised and implemented large, complex projects across the world, including in some of the most difficult and remote locations such as Papua New Guinea’s highlands and the vast coral atolls of Kiribati.

With safety at the forefront of everything we do, we manage all projects to improve efficiencies and reduce potential risks, regardless of technical area, country, or client. Our quality assurance process covers all areas necessary for successful project delivery—from human resources and financial management to infrastructure and reporting.

By creating centralised corporate functions—finance, recruitment, health and safety, operations, and communications—we help ensure efficiency, value for money, and a consistently high-quality project delivery.

Research, Monitoring, and Evaluation (RME)

We measure effectiveness and equip our clients with innovative, high-quality monitoring and evaluation systems to help them understand and measure the impact of their work and promote results-based management and decision-making. Our RME practice designs, manages, and delivers complex, large-scale research projects around the world. Our expertise includes theory of action, theory of change, social research, econometric analysis, and survey design. We provide GIS mapping, database management, problem analysis, and system mapping.

Program Design

As global leaders in project design, Tetra Tech’s technical experts and project managers work hand-in-hand to design effective, innovative projects that achieve our clients’ objectives. We use a rigorous, evidence-based process to identify the best approaches for delivering intended outcomes. We also develop monitoring systems to track the progress of a project and assess whether any changes to project activities are necessary. This enables consistent performance improvement from the outset of the project.

Fund and Grant Management

We design, implement, manage, and monitor competitive grant mechanisms that aim to reduce poverty and improve governance. Supporting grantees from the application phase to project implementation, we collaborate with them to develop sustainable organisational models and promote learning between grantees. We have worked with grantees ranging from businesses and business associations to civil society organizations and the media.

Gender Equality, Disability, and Social Inclusion Strategy and Implementation

Working closely with our partners, we integrate gender and social inclusion strategies into our projects, including education, governance, and security sector reform. Using context-specific approaches, we manage projects that increase girls’, women’s, and marginalised groups’ access to quality security services, fair justice, economic opportunities, and healthcare. Our teams help improve the delivery of government services to all members of society and work to give marginalised groups a greater say in decisions that affect them.

Organisational Development and Training

The right approach to staff development, human resource management, and change management supports organisational effectiveness and sustainability. Over the years we have developed many organisational strengthening tools, such as the Institutional Development Framework. This framework is a diagnostic and planning tool that helps non-governmental and civil society organisations improve performance by using a systematic and objective approach. Our training on project design and management, performance monitoring, and results-based management also builds organisational and staff capacity, increasing our impact.

Strategic Communications

Our strategic communications specialists help our partners effectively communicate the impact of their work. We consider the cultural landscape, including literacy rates, internet access, and television viewership when developing content and strategies. We help partners craft key messages, identify target audiences, and determine the best tactics to reach them, including print and electronic publications, video, radio, social media, workshops, and stakeholder relations. We engage in two-way communications processes with communities to understand their views and propose solutions to the challenges they face, strengthening their voice on decisions that affect them. Our approach helps tell the story of change.

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