Tetra Tech is delivering best-in-class energy consulting services to power low-carbon development for our clients worldwide.

Reliable, high-quality energy and electricity are critical for developing countries’ economic growth and prosperity. Transparent, competitive energy markets and financially strong power utilities ensure long-term investment, employment, and security.  

Tetra Tech’s clients—governments, policy planners, investors, financial institutions, and bilateral and multilateral development agencies—are addressing numerous interrelated energy challenges to increase electricity access and energize economies. We are helping them improve performance and deploy advanced technologies at power utilities, manage the transition to competitive markets, and promote public and private investment in clean energy and low-carbon solutions. We also support governments and the private sector in developing countries to mitigate and adapt to climate change.

Our Expertise in Energy

  • Energy market liberalization to promote competition and private sector participation
  • Policy, legal, and regulatory frameworks, including renewable energy regulations
  • Wholesale energy market establishment and operation
  • Strategic energy planning
  • Electricity network and market strengthening and expansion, including market coupling and cross-border energy trade
  • Utility commercialization and corporate governance improvement
  • Utility operational efficiency, service, and financial performance improvement
  • Utility asset monitoring and inspection with drones, artificial intelligence, and machine learning
  • Grid modernization, digitalization, and automation
  • Gender equality and change management advisory
  • Energy infrastructure investment feasibility, due diligence, financial structuring, and negotiations on arrangements such as power purchase agreements
  • Renewable and conventional energy auction design and consultation
  • Innovative financial instruments for energy generation, transmission, and distribution projects
  • Decarbonization strategy development
  • Renewable energy and energy storage grid integration
  • Hydrogen strategy development
  • Off-grid solutions and market development
  • Climate change mitigation and resilience
  • Program management and technical assistance to support the nexus of energy/water/food, energy/gender, and energy/health

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