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Installing Wind Turbine Condition Monitoring Systems in North Dakota

Tatanka Wind Farm is the largest renewable energy project in North and South Dakota, sitting on approximately 14,080 acre
Image courtesy of Acciona Energy
Tetra Tech’s wind technicians equipped Tatanka Wind Farm’s 120 turbines with condition monitoring systems for predictive operations and maintenance.

Acciona Energy selected Tetra Tech to install condition monitoring systems (CMS) at Tatanka Wind Farm in Ashley, North Dakota. CMS systems use accelerometers to detect vibration anomalies. They provide critical statistics for root-cause analysis of drive train major component failure in a wind turbine. These alerts may help to prevent downtime and catastrophic failure, which leads to costly replacement of the drive train.


  • 120 wind turbine condition monitoring systems installed
  • Zero rework required, successful testing of system
  • Best practices implemented for timely completion
  • Zero injuries over 3,231 hours completed

For two months, six Tetra Tech wind energy technicians used our Leading with Science® approach to perform CMS installation for Tatanka’s 120 wind turbines. The technicians also rerouted the cables to lessen tension and reduce the potential for system or asset damage. Our Tetra Tech Delta technology expertise and commitment to the longevity of the equipment demonstrates the high level of quality that can be expected when Tetra Tech is on a project.

Our wind energy technicians used our established best practices to configure and test the CMS controller and software application. They performed system checks for data transmission continuity and accuracy, as well as on-site, post-installation operations and maintenance support to monitor and test the equipment. As a result, our team successfully installed an important preventative instrument to support the long-term sustainability of Acciona Energy’s Tatanka Wind Farm asset.

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