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Industrial Water 

Image with a blue tint depicting steel pipes

Tetra Tech delivers science-based, technology-driven solutions for the diverse and complex challenges of industrial water management—from production water to wastewater discharge regulatory compliance.

Our interdisciplinary teams of scientists and engineers use our Leading with Science® approach to solve complex industrial water management issues. Science and operator expertise inform our approach to customized solutions from front-end process water and high-purity water needs to managing stormwater and treating complex wastewater. Tetra Tech’s industrial water expertise spans multiple industries, including oil and gas, mining, automotive, aerospace, iron and steel, food and beverage, and steam electric power generation. Tetra Tech’s full-service approach ensures smooth start-up and optimal operations so industrial clients can focus on production goals.
Aerial view of the Harvest Power Industrial Wastewater Treatment Plant in Orlando, Florida

Studies and Evaluations

Regulations are becoming more stringent and global competition puts pressure on margins. Industrial clients can rely on Tetra Tech to evaluate innovative solutions for technical and financial feasibility.

  • Regulatory compliance
  • Sustainable water management and recycling
  • Alternatives capital expenditures and operating expenses optimization
View of a pilot test that Tetra Tech planned and operated for an industrial client

Bench, Pilot, and Demonstration Scale Testing

Tetra Tech leverages our in-house pilot and demonstration capabilities, broad technology experience, and process optimization expertise to develop cost-effective, total water solutions for our commercial and industrial clients.

  • Testing plans and data analytics
  • Bench and pilot scale design and operations
  • Demonstration scale design operations
View of Wastewater Treatment Plant that Tetra Tech provided testing, design, construction, and management services for

High-Purity, Wastewater, and Stormwater Management

Our team employs both conventional and innovative water and wastewater treatment technologies that align with our clients’ priorities and constraints, including various state-of-the-art treatment methods.

  • Granular activated carbon, ion exchange, reverse osmosis, and nanofiltration for high-purity water
  • Membrane filtration, advanced wastewater treatment, and disinfection
  • Total water management and decarbonization
Abu Dhabi downtown cityscape reflected in the water at the Lake park

Engineering, Procurement, and Construction Management

Our full-service approach and nationally recognized experts ensure successful industrial water treatment solutions from concept inception through start-up and commissioning, resulting in reduced risk and maximum value. Tetra Tech has developed a culture of sustainability in safety and a long-term commitment from our executive management through to each field technician.

  • Planning, feasibility, design, and permitting
  • Procurement and project and document controls
  • Safety, inspections, and commissioning

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