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Digital Water

An expanse of open ocean with digital elements shown in the sky above
Tetra Tech provides data-driven solutions to address our clients’ most complex water management challenges using digital tools for automation, data analytics, and systems optimization.

At Tetra Tech, we leverage technology throughout the project life cycle, improving our clients’ ability to optimize water and wastewater system processes, predict required maintenance and improve utility performance. Our Leading with Science® approach and domain expertise is augmented by our Tetra Tech Delta suite of technologies and analytical tools that enhance our digital water solutions. Tetra Tech is a trusted partner for water utilities across the globe—from real-time optimization of sewer networks to robust cybersecurity evaluations.

Control Room at Orange County Water District’s Groundwater Replenishment Facility

Water Operational Technology (OT) and Cybersecurity

Tetra Tech understands that cybersecurity is not an add-on service. Protecting and securing your facilities are a fundamental and integral part of our thinking, approach, and delivery. Tetra Tech is unique because we have a dedicated OT practice with staff specializing in OT Cybersecurity. Our OT team’s “secure by design” philosophy integrates cybersecurity into design, planning, implementation, and operations.

  • Water OT system planning, controls assessment, and control system design
  • Enterprise data planning and management
  • Cybersecurity threat assessment and mitigation
  • Regulatory compliance and automated reporting
A 3D, aerial view of a real-time control water system below a city

Automation and Systems Integration

As a full-service systems integration and engineering firm, we deliver automation services to improve operational efficiency, increase reliability, and enhance safety.  Our clients gain improved visibility and control for energy and chemical usage, process optimization, and equipment maintenance and repair.

  • SCADA design, integration, and programming
  • Process/energy efficiency and optimization
  • System optimization with real-time control
  • AI and software solutions
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Utility Performance and Digital Transformation

Tetra Tech partners with water utilities, municipalities, and industry to deliver strategic planning, management consulting, digital transformation and data-driven business solutions leveraging advanced analytics and machine learning. We evaluate our clients’ current operations, data sources, standard procedures, and best practices to make recommendations that reduce data silos, improve communication, and enhance performance.

  • Business process optimization
  • Key metric development and tracking
  • Digital transformation
  • Technology master planning (SCADA, IT/OT, Enterprise)
The Los Angeles River with skyline in the background where Tetra Tech created digital twin of eight pump stations

Advanced Analytics

Tetra Tech delivers advanced analytics through data science and artificial intelligence to help our clients create mission-critical, undiscovered value from their data. We use digital twins to represent current field conditions and provide real-time information to improve operations and predict maintenance intervals.

  • Data management
  • Data analytics
  • Digital twins
  • Machine learning and artificial intelligence
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Electrical and Instrumentation and Controls (I&C) Design

Tetra Tech is well equipped to provide outstanding, safe, and reliable electrical and I&C solutions. We offer electrical engineering and I&C services that meet our clients’ expectations and comply with key regulations and industry requirements. Tetra Tech delivers best-in-class electrical and I&C designs on a wide range of projects—from on-site energy generation and low, medium, and high voltage networks to switchboards and uninterruptible power supplies.

  • Smart piping and instrumentation diagrams (P&IDs)
  • Energy security and emergency power analysis
  • Arc flash studies
  • Power quality analysis and optimization

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Intelligent Water System Central Control Room designed by Tetra Tech

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View along the earthen levee—Central Wetlands is the flooding source (right) and protection is provided to adjacent residents

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