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About One Water

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Tetra Tech is Leading with Science® to develop global One Water solutions that address complex water issues using an integrated total water management approach.

In an era of mounting global water challenges due to climate change impacts, emerging contaminants, and population pressures, sustainable solutions are urgently needed to ensure water supplies are as diverse and robust as possible. Tetra Tech has more than 50 years of experience providing solutions for our clients’ most complex water projects. We leverage our cutting-edge suite of Tetra Tech Delta digital technologies, advanced data analytics, predictive maintenance tools, and agile capital improvement planning approaches to develop industry-leading, business intelligence for our clients.

Engineering News-Record (ENR) has consistently ranked Tetra Tech #1 in Water Treatment and Desalination in its Top 200 Environmental Firms issue since 2014. Tetra Tech actively applies our Leading with Science approach to develop global One Water solutions that recognize the water cycle as an integrated system and embrace the view that all water holds value. One Water shifts from a linear model of water management to a circular strategy, emphasizing recovery, recycling, and reuse instead of discharge.

Tetra Tech is helping our clients deliver successful outcomes in response to global water challenges, from innovative water reuse work in Mongolia to high-end technology solutions to address water loss in Jordan. Tetra Tech’s groundwater replenishment and reuse solutions in California and the diversification of supplies in drought-prone Central Texas have led to more reliable supplies for those communities. Our green stormwater infrastructure design in Washington, DC, supports sustainable stormwater management through a first-of-its-kind credit trading program.

A resilient water future supports municipal and corporate environmental, social, and governance goals and requires a continued focus on disruptive innovation and digital transformation. Our award winning, real-time control work for municipalities uses Tetra Tech Delta technologies to minimize sewer overflows and flooding risks, while providing environmental and social benefits to the community. Tetra Tech toxicology and water quality experts analyze occurrence and risks of different constituents of emerging concern, such as per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS) and microplastics, and are at the forefront of applying technology and analytics to restore the environment and protect communities for future generations.


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