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Federal IT Solutions

Close up view of a person typing on a computer with a floating digital interface with different icons

The Tetra Tech Federal IT Group is a leading provider of innovative IT consulting service for U.S. federal agencies and military departments, branches, and commands. We deliver solutions that support our customers’ missions and deliver lasting results.

Airplane at terminal gate with overlaid connecting lines and points

Aerospace Services

Blue abstract background depicting agile concept

Business Services

Cloud computing concept depicted by blue technical background and floating cloud

Cloud Computing

Digital padlock security data with connections on dark blue technology background


Geometric and Futuristic digital blockchain fintech technology

Enterprise Data Management

3d illustration server room with server racks in datacenter banner

Enterprise IT Operations and Maintenance

Open-concept office with engineers looking at a large monitor. Tetra Tech delivers cutting-edge solutions

Innovation Lab

Soldier using virtual reality glasses working with a virtual interface

Mission Support Services

Dark blue background with abstract multicolored tech elements

Systems Engineering and Modernization

Connect with us. Reach out to our information technology experts.

Create a sustainable future with us

Our people around the world are supporting our mission and vision for a sustainable world. Join us today.

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