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Enterprise Data Management

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Tetra Tech Federal IT Group experts design, integrate, and operate scalable and interoperable data enterprises that provide actionable insights to our customers.

Tetra Tech provides data management services to derive maximum value from business data and ensure accurate, efficient, and cost-effective data use in compliance with internal and external regulations.

We collaborate with our customers to create sustainable, scalable, and value-generating solutions, ranging from smart data collection and advanced analytics to automated intelligent processes that support our customers’ digital transformation objectives. Our interdisciplinary teams deliver solutions that maximize resources, minimize asset costs, and optimize performance.

Hand of businesswoman pressing icon on virtual screen depicting advanced data analytics and business intelligence

Advanced Analytics and Business Intelligence Using AI and ML

We turn data into meaningful information for better decision-making. Data is a key mission enabler for government agencies, and advanced analytics provide the means to cultivate an organization’s data. We get control of disparate data, apply machine learning (ML) and artificial intelligence (AI)-based algorithms to analyze this data, and distill and visualize it to support efforts to meet mission objectives.

  • Advanced data analytics
  • Large data source ingestion and cleansing
  • Data visualization
  • Algorithm development and testing
  • Predictive business intelligence products
Woman pointing at floating digital interface screens and icons representing data concepts

Data Governance

Tetra Tech helps organizations establish a governance structure for data standards, policies, and procedures. Our approach ensures enterprise data is visible, accessible, understandable, and trusted by applications and users that drive business decisions.

  • Data dictionaries and libraries
  • Policies, processes, and procedures
  • Data chain management
  • Data validation and verification
3D illustration of server room in data center full of telecommunication equipment

Database Development, Integration, and Administration

Novel problems require novel solutions. Our experts work with customers to decompose information requirements into manageable data elements, identify existing and useful data sources, migrate data to new platforms and applications, and create new database structures with original or ingested data.

  • Enterprise data architectures
  • Data migration and integration plans
  • Data security plans and procedures

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