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Innovation Lab

Open-concept office with engineers looking at a large monitor. Tetra Tech delivers cutting-edge solutions
The Tetra Tech Federal IT Innovation Lab researches and develops automated, cutting-edge solutions to meet our customers’ information technology needs.

Our Innovation Lab is a technology incubation engine that develops high-value, repeatable solutions to achieve results faster and more cost effectively for our customers. We develop open-source software solutions, research emerging technologies, and provide our customers with access to thought leadership in artificial intelligence and analytics, robotic process automation, cloud automation and migration, low-code development, and leading-edge technology.

Tetra Tech has in-house expertise in automating manual processes, testing new systems, hosting systems on our cloud computing environment, and experimenting and evaluating new products tools and solutions.

Lines connecting to form side face side profile. Tetra Tech provides artificial intelligence and machine learning solutions

Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML)

Tetra Tech builds cognitive systems that make complex decisions and generate new insights without human intervention. We also develop analytical models that provide solutions to complex challenges without human intervention.

  • Auxilium—AI-powered, conversational, multilingual, and learning chatbot
  • Compono—automated data extraction and validation tool
  • Custom AI and ML solutions
Blue and black background with robotic arm pointing and circular gears. Tetra Tech provides robotic process automation

Robotic Process Automation

Our experts automate workflows and processes, freeing federal employees from tedious, error prone, or time consuming tasks to focus on high-value tasks. We evaluate good task candidates for automation, design end-to-end workflows to automate simple and complex processes, and deploy and connect bots into organizational workflows in the Cloud and on premise.

  • Process and workflow evaluations
  • Design workflow diagrams
  • Bot development and deployment

A recently completed RPA bot is estimated to save the customer more than 2,700 hours of work annually—an 80 percent time savings.

Blue and black background with floating cloud. Tetra Tech provides cloud mitigation and management solutions

Cloud Migration and Management

Tetra Tech’s Innovation Lab provides advanced cloud migration thought leadership and management research, including using infrastructure as code to develop open source tools that automate deployment and management.

  • Cloudamatic—open source deployment tool that automates every aspect of application and tool migration
  • jmpr—seamless Amazon Web Services account management tool that manages thousands of accounts and user permissions in a single user interface

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Featured innovation lab highlights

Headshot of Terrence Blair

Terrence Blair Applies Information Technology Strategies to Solve Business Problems for Federal Clients 

Headshot of Larry Grossman

Larry Grossman Discusses Cybersecurity Challenges and Opportunities 

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Supporting No/Low Code Platform Success

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