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Systems Engineering and Modernization

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Tetra Tech sustains core customer applications and systems to support mission success in the fast-paced world of evolving technologies.

Our approach to sustainment and modernization leverages agile and DevSecOps techniques combined with the right business process management platforms to modernize existing systems and deliver cost-effective solutions. Our expertise in using no/low code technologies enables applications to meet the current and evolving needs of an organization and its customers.

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Systems and Software Engineering

Tetra Tech’s systems and software engineers are Leading with Science® to design, develop, and manage enterprise business systems for our broad base of customers. We use open-source tools, agile development, and DevSecOps processes to deliver and integrate quality systems for customers.

  • Web and app design, development, and management
  • User interface and user experience design and visualization
  • Data integration and interoperability
  • Business process automation
  • Configuration management
  • Testing, verification, and deployment
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Modern Software Development

We blend agile concepts, cloud, and serverless techniques, DevOps, and cybersecurity concerns to deliver solutions that efficiently meet our customers’ most complex requirements. As a result, Tetra Tech can deliver higher-quality solutions quickly while reducing costs and program risks.

  • Agile and DevSecOps
  • Human-centered design with usability lab
  • No/low code platforms
  • Mobile apps, including Progressive Web Apps, cross-platform, and native
  • Custom web application and development
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Systems Engineering and Integration

Our engineers design and integrate solutions to restore critical systems, reduce risk, and support long-term resiliency in all IT environments. Tetra Tech engineers solutions to solve our customers’ most critical and complex system challenges based on a real-world understanding of their business.

  • Systems design
  • Systems engineering
  • Systems integration

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