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Strengthening Moldova’s Energy Security

Representatives from Tetra Tech and the Government of Moldova sign a cooperation agreement related to support for energy sector reforms

Tetra Tech is collaborating with the Government of Moldova and the private sector to establish a more secure, reliable energy supply for people and businesses.

Moldova historically has relied on neighboring countries for energy, such as natural gas and electricity. As a result, gas and power supply shortages often force Moldovans to pay high prices for imported energy while domestic clean energy resources remain underutilized. Improving Moldova’s energy security is critical for both national sovereignty and regional stability, as Moldova is a major transit route for natural gas and its electricity system is closely integrated with Ukraine.


  • Developing national strategies and policies that strengthen energy security
  • Establishing an independent electricity market operator aligned with European energy standards
  • Leveraging $220 million for clean energy investment
  • Supporting 250 megawatts of new renewable energy generation capacity
  • Helping save 6 kilotons of oil equivalent through energy efficiency measures

In 2022 the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID) selected Tetra Tech to implement the four-year, $60 million Moldova Energy Security Activity (MESA). MESA builds on Tetra Tech’s decades of experience strengthening energy security in Europe and Eurasia, and focuses on providing policy, infrastructure, and science-based solutions to help Moldova power homes and businesses.

MESA Objectives

Integrate Moldova’s power grid and electricity markets with European systems

Connecting Moldova’s electricity system to the European grid—a milestone facilitated by the USAID Energy Security Project—was an important first step that can catalyze a regional electricity market and support competitive procurement of cleaner energy.

Boost renewable energy production and enhance climate change resilience

Supporting Moldova’s first integrated National Energy and Climate Plan and Low Emission Development Strategy will accelerate progress toward energy transition goals using domestic renewable energy resources.

Attract investment in domestic power generation and energy efficiency

Working with utility companies and policymakers to set achievable targets and identify sites for renewable energy projects can encourage investors to build such projects that provide business and economic opportunities for Moldova.

Tetra Tech is supporting Moldova to power a secure and sustainable future for all by connecting with Europe, opening doors for investment in solar and wind, incentivizing efficiency, and finding new sources of natural gas.

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